SLAs Need Teeth

Posted: 05/2002 SLAs Need Teeth By Peter H. Salus WE’VE ALL EXPERIENCED POOR NET CONNECTIVITY — ranging from no connection, to slow connection to static downloading. To improve the quality of our connection, and our ISP relations some providers have been offering service level agreements (SLAs). But, in fact there is no way of really proving […]

Ernie Kelly How He (and We) Got Here

Posted: 05/2002 Ernie Kelly How He (and We) Got Here By Khali Henderson IT ISN’T UNCOMMON THESE DAYS to find someone “moving on” from his current career. Usually that’s a euphemism for “laid off,” but in the case of Ernest B. Kelly, who left the helm of the Association of Communication Enterprises (ASCENT) April 30, […]

INTERVIEW: FCC Chairman Michael Powell

Posted: 04/2002 FCC Chairman Michael Powell By Fred Dawson & Kim SunderlandIN ADVANCE OF FCC CHAIRMAN Michael K. Powell’s keynote presentation in March at the Competitive Telecommunications Association PHONE+ editor at large Fred Dawson and contributing writer Kim Sunderland spoke to the head of the nation’s telecommunications regulatory body regardingcompetition and regulation. The following is […]

Features: Know the Flow

Posted: 2/2002 Know the Flow Supply Chain Management Closes the Loop with Service Delivery Management By Peter Lambert  Can a network service provider’s right hand ever really know what the left hand is doing?For the majority of service providers, hobbled by disconnected “silos” of mutually inaccessible information, the answer is a resounding, “No!” With dozens […]

Trading Desk – Dow Jones Launches a Fiber Optic Index

Posted: 12/2001 Trading Desk Dow Jones Launches a Fiber Optic Index By Tara SealsDow Jones & Company Inc. has launched an index for bandwidth trading, a sign that the market finally may be cultivating financial attributes.The Wall Street Journal publisher reports on four routes on a monthly basis: New York-Los Angeles, New York-Miami, Dallas-Los Angeles […]

Regulatory News – Texas PUC Chairman Pat Wood Stands on Threshold of Change

Posted: 02/2001 Texas PUC Chairman Pat Wood Stands on Threshold of Change By Kim Sunderland Pat Wood, Texas PUC Chairman Texas Public Utility Commission (PUC, Chairman Pat Wood III has famous dimples, according to his executive assistant, and he might be bringing them to Washington later this year. Wood is poised to take a position […]

Wholesale: BLECs Cautioned: Know Your Tenants Before Playing with Fiber

Posted: 02/2001 BLECs Cautioned: Know Your Tenants Before Playing with Fiber By Josh Long In a nation where copper and incumbents reign, unlighted fiber can satiate in-building carriers starving for savvy applications and the flexibility to layer enhanced services in the future. Of course, in-building carriers must secure the clientele–and bandwidth demand–to justify a dark […]

Business News – RBOCs Lose Their Jitters, Sign On With ITXC

Posted: 09/2000 RBOCs Lose Their Jitters, Sign On With ITXC By Bruce Christian The jitters are gone, and with them ITXC Corp. (, a wholesale Internet telephony carrier, has announced it now is completing RBOC-originated international phone-to-phone calls via the Internet for 13 of the 14 largest U.S.-based international carriers.“For ITXC this is monumental,” says […]

Eurocarrier, Excluded

IN-BOX Eurocarrier, ExcludedAfter reading your article, “If You Build It … They Will Come: Pan-European Network Growth Accelerates as the Yanks Move In” (PHONE+ International, May 15, page 28), I was surprised, amazed and disappointed that NETs ( was not mentioned.NETs was the first network operator to provide DWDM services on its own network in […]


Walled In: Why IP Voice Is Held Captive (And, What Carriers, Vendors Are Doing to Set it Free) By Charlotte Wolter IP voice carriers face towering barriers between their networks, but a few chinks may be starting to appear in those walls. Identity Crisis: Should You Be A Reseller Or Distributor? By Neil S. Ende […]

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