BillSoft Adds VoIP Transaction, Service-Type Functions to EZTax

BillSoft Inc. (Booth 521) has added new VoIP transaction and service-type combinations to its EZTax solution to handle complex taxation issues. According to BillSoft, state, county and local jurisdictions seem to be making taxation decisions in three distinct manners. Some jurisdictions have indicated that their taxes apply to VoIP. Other jurisdictions have stated they are […]

EZData Enables Tax Data Customization

New EZData software from BillSoft Inc. gives businesses the freedom to customize their tax data. According to the software vendor, this is the first time such a capability has been available to the general business community. Companies can use EZData to add or customize taxes, rates, jurisdictions, NPA-NXX mappings and ZIP code ranges. It also […]

BillSoft Releases EZFile Compliance Filing Tool

BillSoft Inc. recently announced the release of EZFile, a compliance filing solution. The software joins the companys flagship EZTax taxation software, EZGeo and EZData as the latest component in BillSofts Total Tax Solution. EZFile is designed to simplify the tax filing process for businesses by automatically preparing tax forms for submission to all applicable jurisdictions. […]

Registration & Bonding

Posted: 7/2003 Registration & Bonding Game Promotions: Playing By the Rules Part 3 of 3 David O. Klein and Deena B. Burgess Editors Note: This is the third of a three-part series addressing the legal issues surrounding game-based promotions. The first and second parts appeared in the May and June issues of PHONE+. They can […]

Playing for Profits: Games of Chance vs. Games of Skill

Posted: 6/2003 Playing for Profits: Games of Chance vs. Games of Skill Game Promotions: Playing By the Rules — Part 2 of 3 David O. Klein and Deena B. Burgess So, you have decided that a promotional tie-in would be a good marketing tool for your business. In order to offer the promotional tie-in, you […]

ASCENT: BillSoft Taxation Software Picks Up Speed

BillSoft Inc. (Booth 404) announced today at the ASCENT Fall Conference & Networking Forum their EZTax taxation software has surpassed another milestone. A benchmark study, performed Oct. 11, verified BillSoft’s EZTax taxed more than 1.8 billion transactions in one hour, which translates to 31,582,551 transactions taxed per minute or 526,375 transactions taxed per second. "This […]

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