Venicom Supplies Agents with Free BlackBerries

Master agency and Channel Partners sponsor Venicom Inc., a top T-Mobile partner and show sponsor, has a deal it is sure Channel Partners event attendees wont be able to refuse: Stop by its kiosk at the registration desk or register online for a free BlackBerry 7100T. The offer includes a hands-free headset, CD with software […]

Branching Out

Posted: 12/2003 Branching Out Prepaid Vendors Try Out Non-Telecom Services By Kelly M. Teal Prepaid services are surpassing the basic calling card as companies broaden their offerings to include flower delivery, traffic school, Web-enhanced conferencing, roadside assistance, newspaper subscriptions and more. Paul Waadevig, an analyst for consulting firm Frost & Sullivan, says businesses that made […]

Phone Plus Prepaid: The Smarter Way to Vend

Posted: 6/2003 The Smarter Way to Vend By Tara Seals While point-of-sale technology, online replenishment and top-up by phone strategies are taking their toll on the prepaid card vending industry, an effort to create intelligent vending machines is one trend keeping this distribution channel alive. For instance, Blackstone Calling Card began the nationwide deployment of […]

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