Apples iPad Gets Amazon Kindle App

Less than a week after releasing a Kindle app for Mac, announced Monday that it will offer one for Apples new iPad. The app will give iPad users the ability to download any of the 450,000 e-books in Amazons collection. One spiffy feature included in the app is something called Whispersync technology, which syncs […]

SMBs Embracing Netbooks by the Millions

SMBs are reining in IT spending, and one of the cumulative effects is the replacement or augmentation of existing desktops and notebooks with lower-cost, Web-optimized netbooks. Computing endpoints account for the largest chunk of SMB IT-related spend, according to Techaisle, a research group. Techaisle is forecasting that SMBs worldwide will purchase 1.1 million netbooks this […]

The Dell MVNO

Dell Computer is in a tough spot. As better wireless networks are built out, traditional desktop sales are faltering and losing ground to laptops, netbooks and even smartphones. The latest idea the computer-maker has to capitalize on the dawn of ubiquitous wireless broadband is forming an MVNO, according to reports. The idea is to “offer […]

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