Posted: 12/2002 Overheard… — Mitch Marcus, the founder of, lamenting that the General Services Administration had not suspended Worldcom Inc.’s contract as it had those of the other two companies on the grounds that they "had engaged in misconduct and committed internal control irregularities that seriously affect their suitability to receive government contracts." "It […]

INTERVIEW: FCC Chairman Michael Powell

Posted: 04/2002 FCC Chairman Michael Powell By Fred Dawson & Kim SunderlandIN ADVANCE OF FCC CHAIRMAN Michael K. Powell’s keynote presentation in March at the Competitive Telecommunications Association PHONE+ editor at large Fred Dawson and contributing writer Kim Sunderland spoke to the head of the nation’s telecommunications regulatory body regardingcompetition and regulation. The following is […]

Getting Wired Into Wireless

Posted: 03/2001 Getting Wired Into Wireless You may say that with this issue, PHONE+ is becoming wired into wireless. Oh sure we’ve done occasional stories in the past regarding wireless, but a new urgency now exists. In the past year, wholesalers have begun to seek sales support from resellers and independent agents. This is the […]


Posted: 03/1998 GUEST EDITORIAL By Bill Stevens,Principal, Mayfair-Group. Inc. Mayfair Group Inc. has been fortunate to grow into a decent-sized national master agency with just one or two reseller sources. We have been paid promptly; our contracts are really fair to both parties; and there have been some rewards for our narrow focus. Though we’ve […]

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