WTG Relaunches Killer APP Program

World Telecom Group (Booth 405) is re-releasing The Killer APP, which is a program that allows WTG agent partners to simply hand off a lead to the WTG team, who will close it and the agent will get paid spiffs, up-fronts and residuals. Many of WTGs agent partners and VARs have indicated that they do […]

WTG Touts Killer APP, Partner Perks

Master agency World Telecom Group (WTG, Booths 426-428) said this week agents now can get more out of their sales opportunities by taking advantage of WTGs Killer APP, or Affiliate Partner Program, part of PartnerEdge. WTG introduced the Killer APP because agents were turning down too much business. Vince Bradley, WTGs president and CEO, said […]

Who Let the Dogs Out?

Mans best friends tend to embrace the great outdoors often to the frustration of their owners. Locatis is coming to the rescue. The companys new PB100 pet-tracking device is a lightweight, water-resistant GPS/GSM device that attaches to a dogs collar. If a pet owner loses sight of his dog and wants to know its location, […]

CGI-AMS Launches Partner Business Suite

CGI-AMS, formerly American Management Systems Inc. prior to this weeks acquisition by the CGI Group Inc., announced the Partner Business Suite at Billing and OSS World 2004. Designed to manage telecom provider relationships with data service companies like application developers, media organizations and content providers, the suite offers end-to-end process automation and control for launching, […]

VoIP makes Hosted PBX the Next Killer APP

Note: The article originally slated for May on deciphering a telecom budget has been held for later publication. Voice over IP has garnered much press, surrounding the impending explosion predicted by many of todays telecom providers. Every major telecom company either has announced plans to roll out service offerings, or already has. In many cases, […]

Telecoms Lack a Winning Strategy

Posted: 10/2000 Telecoms Lack a Winning Strategy Richard Ellenberger My youngest daughter grew up playing soccer, so I can truly say there is no experience quite like watching a youth soccer game–20 enthusiastic, energetic, but unfocused kids, all arms and legs, chasing the ball around the field.What distinguishes this game from the one played by […]

Wag the Dog: Bandwidth and the Next "KillerApp"

Posted: 05/1999 Wag the Dog: Bandwidth and the Next "Killer App" By David Finkelstein David Finkelstein The Holy Grail in the communications industry is the constant search for the next killer application. Companies spending small fortunes building out their long-haul backbone networks seem to be searching desperately for the killer app that will justify the […]

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