A New Year’s Resolution and Thoughts With Service Providers in Times of Tragedy

By Michael Fair, MarketRace I have been remiss at blogging lately and wanted to take this opportunity to commit to being much better during 2008. I particularly wanted to address and respond to the many inquiries and concerns that people in this community have shown me recently regarding the subject of a blog submission that […]

Live From Kenya

By Michael Fair, MarketRace  Jambo!, or Hello!, from Nairobi, Kenya. Wow, this has been quite the experience both personally and from a business perspective. Nairobi is a vibrant, multicultural city and my business trip (which did include a weekend safari) to visit KenCall, the largest call center in eastern Africa, has been very eye opening […]

The Unbearable Absence of Rules

By Michael Fair, MarketRace In my continuing review of my Top 10 Mistakes that Service Providers make with their channel programs: No. 4 Channel Conflict. Wow, this is a particular pet peeve of mine and one that really demonstrates that a carrier simply does not get it if a program does not have rules to […]

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