Channels Can Benefit from New Focus on VoIP, Wireless

VoIP and wireless — two of the hottest areas in networking today — present new opportunities for agents and resellers. Channel Partners attendees can learn more about that during today’s panel on remote access. Panelist Darren Kelly, director of global partner and channel development for Level 3 Communications Inc., will present information on the company’s […]


Posted: 09/2002 News Briefs * DSL service still is part of the Sprint Wholesale product portfolio despite the company’s announcement July 12 that it would decommission its DSL platform in 32 markets and roll its E|Solutions IP services division into the Sprint Business unit, a spokesperson says. "Sprint continually reviews product lines and the wholesale […]

Ernie Kelly How He (and We) Got Here

Posted: 05/2002 Ernie Kelly How He (and We) Got Here By Khali Henderson IT ISN’T UNCOMMON THESE DAYS to find someone “moving on” from his current career. Usually that’s a euphemism for “laid off,” but in the case of Ernest B. Kelly, who left the helm of the Association of Communication Enterprises (ASCENT) April 30, […]

UP FRONT: ASCENT’s Kelly to Retire

Posted: 03/2002 UP FRONT ASCENT’s Kelly to RetireErnest B. Kelly III will retire as president of the Association of Communications Enterprises (ASCENT, on April 30, at the end of his current term.Hired in November 1993 as the association’s first executive director, Kelly has served continuously as the head of the organization. He was named […]

ASCENT Pleased with Successful Event, Despite Economic, Travel Challenges

Posted: 1/2002 ASCENT Pleased with Successful Event, Despite Economic, Travel Challenges By Josh LongThe Association of Communications Enterprises (ASCENT) reported its Nov. 11-14 Fall Conference and Exhibition in Orlando, Fla., was a success, despite an industry-wide recession and corporate cutbacks on business travel.One hundred twelve exhibitors showed their wares, and nearly 1,600 people attended the […]

Business News – Deal Making Ascendant at ASCENT

Posted: 07/2001 Business News Deal Making Ascendant at ASCENT By Bruce Christian Wheeling and dealing freely during good economic times is one thing, but with many telecom service providers and vendors facing uncertain financial futures, negotiating new agreements takes on a different tone. “Those of you advocating competition got it right. Look to the future […]

If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

Posted: 06/2000 If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It Is it simply election-year politics, or is the Telecommunications Act of 1996 broken?For some, like Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), the Telecom Act never has lived up to its promise of encouraging competition. He points to the continuous parade of mergers, buyouts and acquisitions as proof the […]

What’s in a Name?

Posted: 05/2000 What’s in a Name? Evolving Industry Demands Modifying Moniker By Khali Henderson The Board of Directors of the Telecommunica-tions Resellers Association ( has proposed changing the name of the eight- year-old group to the Association of Communications Enterprises.It has asked its membership to ratify the change in the expectation of unveiling it in […]

Regulatory News – FCC Order Gives ILECs an Edge over Resellers

Posted:  03/2000 FCC Wraps Up Record On SBC Long-Distance Bid BY KIM SUNDERLAND The FCC is getting down to business on deciding whether SBC Communica-tions Inc. is ready and able to provide in-region long distance in Texas. If approved, SBC ( will offer a bundle of services that includes local, long distance, Internet and satellite […]

New Optimism Prevails as TRA ‘Rides the Wave’

Posted: 07/1999 New Optimism Prevails as TRA ‘Rides the Wave’ By Ken Branson Last year, it was a little survivalist," says Telecommunications Resellers Association (TRA) President Ernie Kelly, referring to the mood at the TRA gathering in Orlando, Fla., last fall. "This year, it looks a little better. … The opponents of competition are running […]

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