Keep Competitors Off Your Intellectual Property

Posted: 09/1999 Keep Competitors Off Your Intellectual Property Telecommunications companies, like other technology-related ventures, often base their businesses on the unique and proprietary nature of their business ideas, processes, products and services. Indeed, it is these proprietary products and services that allow many telecommunications businesses to stake out a niche in the marketplace and to […]

Priming Your Upside

Posted: 05/1999 Priming Your Upside –A Guide to Raising Private Debt By Bryan Mitchell and Salman Tajuddin As any telecom insider would tell you, telecommunications is a capital-intensive business. The ability to execute on a business plan is predicated not only on raising the appropriate amount of capital, but also on raising the appropriate type […]

Third-Party Verifiers Keep Carriers Out of Hot Seat

Posted: 01/1999 Third-Party Verifiers Keep Carriers Out of Hot Seat By Jennifer Knapp Resellers of local and long distance telecommunications might be well-served by staying abreast of changing regulations regarding slamming–the switching of a person’s telecommunications carrier without consent. The regulatory fines for this infraction are growing and lawmakers have been pushing to make it […]

Maintaining Sales-Force Fitness

Posted: 12/1998 Maintaining Sales-Force Fitness By Jonathan B. Haller Editor’s Note: This is the second of two parts. Last month’s article discussed the dearth of qualified telecom sales representatives. This month’s column covers maintaining sales-force readiness. There is a two-pronged challenge plaguing the communications industry. The first, discussed in last month’s column, is that more […]

Case Study

Posted: 10/1997 Case Study How to Keep Your Customers from Asking for a Lower Price At a trade show a few months ago I heard a line that captured my entire philosophy about selling long distance: "Price is an issue only in the absence of value." These 10 words neatly summarized what we at the […]


Posted: 09/1997 CHANNEL OVER CHURN The Way You Get Customers Says a Lot About Whether You’ll Keep Them By Dr. Judy Reed Smith No doubt you’ve been reading a lot about churn and how to curb it by improving service, adding products, meeting customer expectations, etc. New research from ATLANTIC-ACM suggests that you also should […]

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