Soap Box: You Can’t Keep a Good Competitor Down

Posted: 5/2003 You Can’t Keep a Good Competitor Down By Walt Blackwell I have been president of the Association for Communications Enterprises (ASCENT) for nearly a year now and it’s been an exciting yet demanding time. In particular, I have enjoyed the challenge of understanding the telecommunications industry from the perspective of our members, which […]


Posted: 12/2002 RESELLING UNIFIED MESSAGING: KEEP IT SIMPLE By Josh Long KEITH GOEKE HAS SOME BASIC advice for resellers marketing unified communications to small businesses. Keep the sales pitch simple. "It’s still an educational process for most people when it comes to unified messaging and the way to get through to that customer is to […]

Personalization:The Key To Success In E-Marketing

Posted: 04/2002 Personalization: The Key To Success In E-Marketing By Maribeth Kuzmeski You already know marketing is about relationships. If you were a door-to-door salesman, you’d call Mrs. Jones by name, smile and make eye contact, and you’d show her how you could make her life easier. If you were sending her a direct mail […]

TAG: Which Telecom Sales Career is Right for You?

Posted: 04/2002 Which Telecom Sales Career is Right for You? By DeVaux McLeanA FEW FRIENDS AND I were discussing how we got into the telecom business and what we’d done, good or bad, to arrive where we are today. Each member of the discussion had been in business at least eight years, but none followed […]

Service Providers Seek Partners to Keep Pace with Rising Demand

Posted: 2/2002 Service Providers Seek Partners to Keep Pace with Rising Demand By Khali Henderson Armed with enhancements to their technology and increased awareness of its availability, conferencing service providers are putting greater emphasis — some for the first time — on channel strategies. In fall 2001, ACT Teleconferencing Inc., InterAct Conferencing and Premiere Conferencing […]

Keep Your Customers Dialed-In

Posted: 1/2002 Keep Your Customers Dialed-In By Oscar A. AlbanIn an ideal world, we could strike the perfect balance between consumers calling us to purchase new products and those who need support or service issues addressed.Unfortunately, it’s a tough balance to achieve. While we want our customers to communicate with us, we also want to […]

The Pitch: Marketing Success Takes Common Sense

Posted: 07/2000 Marketing Success Takes Common Sense By Maureen Rhemann Marketing does not come naturally to everyone. In many ways, it is an acquired skill rather than an innate ability. The whole idea behind marketing is the ability to use a collection of techniques to entice a customer to buy a product. Many companies make […]

Business News – Competitors Keep PACE with Alliance to Promote UNE-P

Posted: 06/2000 Competitors Keep PACE with Alliance to Promote UNE-P By Kim Sunderland A coalition of CLECs has formed a new group that will focus on ensuring competitive telecom services are delivered to residential subscribers and small businesses through use of the unbundled network element platform (UNE-P).Coalition representatives Genevieve Morelli and Joseph Gillan, recognized authorities […]

It’s All About Integration

Posted: 04/2000 It’s All About Integration By James R. Dukart In today’s telecom world, it’s all about integration. Carriers and customers are sending a growing concoction of network traffic out over the wires and airwaves, using an alphabet soup of transport protocols.Voice and data travel over the same circuits, using anything from frame to IP […]

Sprint, MCI WorldCom Announce $115 BillionMerger

Posted: 11/1999 Sprint, MCI WorldCom Announce $115 Billion Merger By Ken Branson MCI WorldCom Inc. and Sprint Corp. have agreed to merge in what may be the biggest U.S. corporate combination ever. When the merger closes some time in the second half of 2000, the new company’s name will be WorldCom, company officials say. The […]

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