Julius Genachowski


Genachowskis FCC Confirmation Hearing Set for June 16

At long last, nominee for FCC chairman, Julius Genachowski, will get his day in Congress. The Senate Commerce Committee will hold Genachowski’s much-delayed confirmation hearing on June 16. Committee members also will consider whether to honor President Obama’s nomination of Mignon Clyburn as the third Democrat on the FCC, as well as Republican Rob McDowell’s […]

Genachowski Tasks Include Addressing Net Neutrality

The Senate has yet to confirm Julius Genachowski as the new FCC chairman, but now that President Obama has renominated one Republican commissioner and lawmakers reportedly have settled on the second, proceedings should start soon. With that in mind, service providers are bracing themselves for Genachowski’s expected push in favor of net neutrality and an […]

Genachowski Wont Get FCC Confirmation Hearing May 12

You’ve got to hand it to Julius Genachowski – the man has probably developed reservoirs of patience since being nominated as the new FCC chairman. Genachowski has been waiting since early March for his Senate confirmation hearing, and probably got his hopes up quite high yesterday when he learned that the hearing finally was scheduled […]

Obama: No One Better to Head FCC Than Genachowski

Making good on weeks of rumors, President Barack Obama on Tuesday nominated a former Harvard Law classmate as the new FCC chairman. Julius Genachowski still faces Senate confirmation; those proceedings could be put off for a while, however, depending on when Congress has time outside of debates surrounding the economy, the Iraq War, and health […]

Martins Parting Shot: Rules Deter Network Investment

Former FCC Chairman Kevin Martin couldn’t exit without taking a parting shot at the principles of the new presidential administration. “There could be a more regulatory environment,” Martin told the Financial Times on the eve of his last day (today) at the FCC. “If you come in with too much of an interventionist approach, you […]

Unofficial Reports Say Genachowski to Head FCC

The industry congratulations came pouring in Tuesday morning on word that President-elect Barack Obama will nominate Julius Genachowski to head the FCC. The only trouble is, that word comes from media reports, not the Obama transition team, which won’t confirm or deny the speculation. But Washington circles often work this way – leaking accurate information […]

Obama Might Appoint Genachowski, Not Levin

So President-elect Barack Obama has named just about every member of his incoming cabinet, with a glaring exception being the new FCC chairman. The Washington Post said today that person appears to be Julius Genachowski. Genachowski is serving on Obama’s tech policy transition team alongside former FCC chief of staff Blair Levin. And here’s what […]

Blair Levin, Others Named to Obamas Tech Policy Group

It’s so fun to be able to say you know someone working for President-elect Barack Obama, and now we finally can. Obama’s transition team has put together the technology policy group, which includes a favorite source of ours: Blair Levin, a former FCC chief of staff during the Clinton years and current telecom analyst for […]

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