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FCC: U.S. Wireless Competition Seriously Endangered

If you thought the U.S. wireless industry was competitive, the Julius Genachowski-led FCC says, think again. For the first time in seven years, the agency has concluded that mobile competition in America is, as Commissioner Michael Copps put it, seriously endangered by consolidation. Several carriers since 2003 have gone through intense M&A, among them AT&T […]

The FCC Is Obscuring Intent with the Third Way

The USF is used to expand telecommunications into unserved areas of the country, and while this has been a good way to address primarily rural geographies and the infrastructure of telecom networks as it applies to phones, it has not been effective with regard to the Internet and broadband.

To the Beat of a Different Drum

The FCC is given the authority to establish rates that the incumbent carriers can charge competitors for access to their networks. On the face of it, this seems simple enough, but has the current structure of carrier access or pricing been in need of fixing? Perhaps I am missing something, but gaining access to broadband has not been an issue to date for carriers.

A Cautious Approach to Net Neutrality: A Third Way

In brief, the FCC Chairman wants to apply a limited set of Title II provisions to regulate the transmission component of broadband access services and forbid application of the many sections of the Communications Act that are unnecessary and inappropriate. The status quo would be maintained where the existing approach to the practice of not regulating broadband prices or pricing structures would be reaffirmed.

FCC Chairman Ready to Overhaul Bloated USF?

Julius Genachowski’s FCC will tackle what his predecessors, too, have tried to fix – the bloated Universal Service Fund (USF). At a conference in Washington, D.C. this week, the FCC chairman said he wants to overhaul the USF to support broadband communications, according to the Wall Street Journal. “USF is a multibillion dollar annual fund […]

Net Neutrality Messier Than Health Care Who Knew?

The FCC on Thursday is set to release its proposed rules for net neutrality oversight. Sources say the debate has grown even more heated than the discourse over healthcare reform, especially as the Democratic FCC chairman faces backlash from his own party.

Net Neutrality Backers Ask FCC to Stick to Its Guns

Two dozen Internet companies on Monday called on FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski to continue supporting rules codifying net neutrality. The FCC at its Oct. 22 meeting is expected to release a notice of proposed rulemaking on open Internet access; the suggested regulations then would go up for comment. In advance of that meeting, the 24 […]

FCC Wants To Make Net Neutrality Law

Julius Genachowski has made his first big move as FCC chairman, and the reaction is pouring in. On Monday, Genachowski dove right in to the net neutrality fray, as expected, and proposed two additions to the agency’s so-called four open Internet principles – guidelines affirming that consumers must be able to access lawful Internet content, […]

FCC to Present Net Neutrality Proposal on Monday

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski will propose new network management rules in a speech on Monday. The agency head reportedly will ask communications providers to help define “reasonable network management” – to include wireless networks – as he tackles ways to prevent ISPs from blocking or slowing certain Web traffic. Cable operators, telcos and some competitive […]

FCC Gets New Chair: Genachowski Confirmed by Senate

After the vote was held up for more than a week, Julius Genachowski was confirmed by the U.S. Senate as the next chairman of the FCC. Once sworn in, Genachowski is expected to preside over the July 2 meeting. Acting Chairman Michael Copps will to commissioner status. The re-nomination of Republican Commissioner Robert McDowell also […]

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