Julius Genachowski


Will Wheeler Get the FCC Back on Track?

America needs an FCC that is willing and able to address the rapidly changing environment of telecommunications and IP communications can Thomas Wheeler make that happen?

Genachowski Resigns from FCC

Amid all the expected applause and commendations, at least one group takes the departing chairman to task for failing to deliver on promises of change.

FCC Tackles Broadband Transition With New Task Force

A new task force aims to answer the question: "In a broadband world, how can we best ensure that our nations communications policies continue to drive a virtuous cycle of innovation and investment, promote competition, and protect consumers?”

Is Bill Shock from AT&T, Verizon, Others No Longer an Issue?

The FCC says wireless companies participating in a voluntary bill-shock prevention program are on target or ahead of schedule in meeting guidelines set up to keep customers from getting an unpleasant, jaw-dropping surprise on their wireless bill.

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