Round Table

…ON THE REGULATORY IMPLICATIONS OF THE REGIONAL PHONE COMPANIES DELIVERING TV SERVICES “As we look toward modernizing the Communications Act, we will need to consider what the appropriate statutory framework should be for IP-delivered video services.”-Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas), chairman of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce “As a local telephone company,Verizon has a […]

Few Differences In Bush, Kerry Telecom Platforms

President Bush and Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry have vowed to expand high-speed Internet access in the country and make more spectrum available, but executives and analysts see few differences in their telecommunications platforms. The president says Americans should have universal, affordable access to broadband technology by 2007. Kerry has pledged to speed up the adoption […]

Tried & True

Posted: 11/2003 Tried & True Frame Relay Still in Demand By Tara Seals Though not as flashy as metro Ethernet and IP VPNs, frame relay is holding its own in the wide area networking arena. Resellers will find spots of interest from a variety of end user demographic ranges, and carriers are rolling out new […]


Posted: 10/2002 Overheard… "That is like saying, will murder continue? Ever since Cain slew Abel we’ve had it." — Ira Lee Sorkin, a former SEC regulator and former criminal prosecutor for the U.S. Attorney’s Office, on whether the U.S. has seen the last of corporate accounting fraud. Just Say No Citizens of Norfolk Island in […]

Opinion: Clarification

Posted: 10/2002 Clarifications In the September Prepaid Supplement industry news, John Gill, former president of Global Prepaid Alliance Inc., was mistakenly identified as a founder of that organization. PHONE+ regrets the error. In an article, "End of the Line?," in the September issue of PHONE+, it was inaccurately stated that FiberNet Telecom Group was on […]

ROUND TABLE: … Supreme Court Decision Upholding FCC’s Network Element Pricing Rules

Posted: 07/2002 … Supreme Court Decision Upholding FCC’s Network Element Pricing Rules "Most significantly, the Supreme Court decision considers and rejects the Bell companies’ arguments that the TELRIC standard does not allow them to earn a fair return on their investment. This decision will be enormously useful on Capitol Hill, in other court proceedings and […]

Feature: FCC Quiet on Petition to Reconsider TPV Drop-off Rule

Posted: 03/2002 FCC Quiet on Petition to Reconsider TPV Drop-off Rule By Peter Lambert  John Nakahata Anniversaries usually are occasions for celebrations, but this month marks a year of FCC inaction on a petition dear to the hearts and pocketbooks of telecom resellers. No tangible signs of action stand in sight.In August 2000, the commission […]

Prepaid Section: MERGERS

Posted: 03/2002 PREPAID MERGERS PayStar Acquires Get2Net Assets PayStar Corp. announced in January the acquisition of Get2Net’s nearly 200 Internet kiosks in 32 locations. Among these sites are 28 airport locations including John F. Kennedy, LaGuardia, Newark and Denver.PayStar will convert the kiosks to pay-for-use utilizing PayStar’s proprietary Gold Sprocket Software, which is a dynamic […]

Round Table

Posted: 2/2002 Round Table   On FCC enforcement of Bell Section 271 compliance …  “As the BOCs continue to gain Section 271 approvals, the bureau may be getting more 271 complaints on backsliding in the coming months. We’re committed to handling them as quickly as we can. But [remember that] the purpose of enforcement is […]


Posted: 1/2002 Not Necessarily News Overhead… …at the Association of Local Telecommunications Services (ALTS) Business Conference in Washington discussing the Tauzin-Dingell bill (H.R. 1542), the Internet Freedom and Broadband De-ployment Act of 2001… "His name is John Dingell; it isn’t Tauzin-Dingell as many people tend to think. In fact, this is probably his biggest regret […]

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