Bottom Falls Out of IT Job Market

Only 77,600 IT jobs have been added in the U.S. in the past 12 months. There are a number of reasons why that number is so low and why IT execs are on a hiring lockdown.

IT Job Growth Slows, Though CIOs Anticipate Hiring Next Year

The jobs reports was released one day after President Obama rallied his party in a speech at the Democratic National Convention, seeking to convince the American people that the country was moving in the right direction economicallly.

The Internet, Broadband, 4G and Jobs

The economic benefits associated with the adoption of new technologies are very significant. This reinforces the need to support investment in technology and infrastructure improvements by both private and government entities.

Internet Job Creation

Has the Internet so affected the global economy that recovering from the recession of 2007/2008 will be impossible?

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