Weve Come a Long Way

This month marks the 20th anniversary of PHONE+. Most of you know that we have been celebrating all year long, but since October was the official launch issue, I wanted to note the occasion by thanking all of our readers for sticking with us over the past two decades. Surprisingly, many of you have been […]

FCC 700MHz Auction to Begin Jan. 16

The FCC will start auctioning 700MHz spectrum on Jan. 16, 2008. Auction 73, as it has been officially named, must close by Jan. 28, the agency said late Friday. The spectrum is becoming available because television stations must move to all-digital signals by Feb. 2009. Service providers covet the 700MHz band for its ability to […]

Jan DeRobertis

Company Name: NBC Solutions Corp. How long have you been reading PHONE+?: About 15 years  Why do you read PHONE+?: It’s Informative, it gives me the inside scoop about my competitors. Where did you work in 1987?: Savin Corporation What was your title in 1987?: Sales Manager What do you remember most about 1987?: It […]

Nokia to Restructure

Driven by the convergence of mobile communications and the Internet, Nokia said on Wednesday it will restructure the company as of Jan. 1, 2008. Nokia said it expects the new organization to help it better manage its devices portfolio and get new products on the market, faster. Growing consumer demand for rich, mobile experiences creates […]


CAPRICORN (DEC. 22 – JAN. 19) Capricorns, consider yourselves warned. If youre anything like your ruling planet, Saturn, you are surrounded by excess gas and debris its time to clean out your drawers, clear off your desk and take canceled meetings out of your Outlook calendar. This clutter may be what has been causing a […]

They Say That Merging Up Is Hard To Do

“I think there is a lot of buzz in the industry right now about further consolidation.”- XO CEO Carl Grivner Driven by a frenzy of activity in the wireless industry, the megamergers reminiscent of the dotcom era have resurfaced - but the same cannot be said for competitive wireline providers. Competitors like McLeodUSA Inc. are still grappling […]

Round Table

… ON SPRINT CORP.’S PLANNED MERGER WITH NEXTEL COMMUNICATIONS INC. “This creates three big wireless competitors carrying about 75 percent of the traffic, which is very helpful. Three major carriers can help keep prices low for customers, expenses lower for the companies and innovation high.” independent analyst Jeff Kagan “Assuming this merger is approved by […]

Trading Desk – Bandwidth Prices as of Feb. 7

Posted: 03/2001 Trading Desk Bandwidth Prices as of Feb. 7 The rates listed are actual offers to sell available on the RateXchange Trading System. The rates listed are offers to sell the specified capacity as of Feb. 7, at 4 p.m. The RateXchange Trading System is a continuous bid-ask market. As a result, the offers […]

How the FCC Fared: 1999 Court Opinion Wrap Up

Posted: 12/1999 How the FCC Fared: 1999 Court Opinion Wrap Up Gulf Power Co., et al. v. FCC, 187 F.3d 1324 (11th Cir.) [No. 98-2403, Sept. 9] Challenges to the constitutionality of the 1996 Telecommunications Act’s amendments to the pole attachment provisions of the Communications Act. The 11th Circuit affirmed the district court’s judgment in […]

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