James Crowe


Level 3 Executives Cozy with White House Report

An investigative report finds that former Level 3 executive Donald H. Gips was placed in charge of hiring in the Obama White House and later appointed ambassador to South Africa after collecting more than $500,000 for Barack Obamas presidential campaign.

OHaras Departure Paves Way for Change at Level 3

Level 3 Communications Inc. is trying to fix its integration problems with a management shakeup and deeper attention to systems assimilation, say analysts, but whether the strategy works wont be known for at least six months. But if the Colorado-based carrier makes the right moves, it will be on track to accommodate the booming and […]

Level 3 CEO: Provisioning Problems Affected Earnings

Level 3 Communications Inc. reported a net loss of $174 million, or 11 cents per share, during the third quarter of 2007, a slight improvement over the second quarters $202 million net loss. CEO James Crowe called the results disappointing. While we continued to grow core communications services revenues, and we did meet our guidance […]

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