BeQuick Accelerates Payment Collection Process with IVR Service

BeQuick Software Inc. announced it will roll out in March a new outbound interactive voice response (IVR) service enhancement to its QuikTel hosted OSS solution for CLECs. QuickTel integrates with CLEC customers contact center systems to allow them to accept real-time payments via a credit card or ACH anytime of the day over the phone. […]

Envox Worldwide Launches Upgrade to IVR Development Tool

Internet Telephony show exhibitor Envox Worldwide this week introduced Envox CT ADE 9.2, a major upgrade to its interactive voice response development tool. Created for use with Dialogic Corp.s media processing, signaling, and switching products, Envox CT ADE is a rapid application development tool that enables developers to gain time-to-market advantages while maintaining full control […]

BeQuick Software Offers IVR Service to QuickTel Users

BeQuick Software Inc. (Booth 306) said it now offers IVR service that integrates with its hosted OSS and billing product called QuickTel. The IVR tool allows customers to check their balance, receive information on their last payment and hear when their next payment is due. The IVR service also allows customers to make real-time payments […]

VoIP Inc. Selects CT ADE to Power Its Verification Service

Voice solutions provider Envox Worldwide has announced that its IVR development tool Envox CT ADE has been selected by VoIP Inc. to power its VoiceOne Enhanced 911 Verification Service. VoIPs VoiceOne Enhanced 911 service is an FCC-compliant, self-service IVR solution that ensures information accuracy for VoIP-based 911 calls. By calling 555-9191, subscribers can hear the […]

Product News

VOXEO RELEASES VOICECENTER 6 Voxeo Corp., a provider of IVR platforms and hosting, has released the sixth generation of its VoiceCenter IVR platform. Part of VoiceCenter 6 is an enhanced management console for premise IVR customers, directory-driven ENUM standard call routing support, increased platform port density, and a built-in, multiparty conference server supporting up to […]

New Products

TELCO SYSTEMS INTRODUCES NEW ACCESS241 VOIP ATA Telco Systems introduced at VON the Access241, a new advanced VoIP Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) designed to integrate traditional telephone service and VoIP phone service over a single telephone and to facilitate home and smalloffice networking. The new Access241, which adds automated call routing to the Telco Systems […]

XO Resells Notification Service

XO Resells Notification Service It makes sense to be able to communicate immediately about something as serious as an emergency alert, or something as mundane as a bill’s due date. That’s why XO Interactive Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of service provider XO Communications Inc., has signed on as a reseller for MIR3 Inc.’s INlogicNOW […]

Phone Plus Prepaid: Moving Beyond Talk Time with Enhanced Services

Posted: 12/2002 Moving Beyond Talk Time with Enhanced Services By Bob Shinn THE GREAT AMERICAN HUMORIST and cowboy philosopher Will Rogers once said, "Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there." Although he wasn’t referring to the telecom industry, his words are particularly relevant for many companies […]

Business News – PriceInteractive Launches Enhanced TPV Solution

Posted: 09/1999 PriceInteractive Launches Enhanced TPV Solution By Liz Montalbano Despite attempts to curb the unauthorized switching of a customer’s long distance or local carrier–otherwise known as slamming–there still were 20,000 slamming complaints in 1998. To help alleviate this problem, PriceInteractive, a Reston, Va.-based company specializing in interactive voice response (IVR) services, has come up […]

What’s at the End of the Pipe: A Primer

Posted: 02/1999 What’s at the End of the Pipe: A Primer By Kieren McCobb Most telecommunications services marketed by agents plug into some type of voice or data equipment, or "box." The agent who wishes to stay in business and grow needs to know and understand these systems. The following is a primer explaining the […]

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