Apple Unveils New 5s and 5c iPhones

The 5s is described as the "new gold standard in the smartphone space," while the cheaper 5c "is beautifully, unapologetically plastic."

A Growing Dependence On the Cloud

Cloud services are taking off because millions of SMBs, SOHOs and entrepreneurs globally find that subscribing to such services provide them with sophisticated capabilities and analytical tools at a low cost with fairly easy to learn and operate user interfaces.

Googles Pay TV Could Rival iTunes?

Google Inc. is mulling whether or not to offer paid television streaming via its YouTube subsidiary, and the scuttle is that the move could give Apple Inc.’s hegemony on per-episode purchases a run for its money. The cost per YouTube episode will reportedly be $1.99 – the same as the average cost of a television […]

Avaya Changes Up User App Distribution with one-X Mobile on iTunes

Avaya one-X Mobile, a software client that extends Avaya Inc. enterprise telephony to mobile employees, is now available for the Apple Inc. iPhone as a free download through the iTunes apps store, changing the way enterprises distribute applications to employees. Avaya one-X Mobile provides integration with enterprise communications applications, including access to desktop extension features, […]

Apple Blocks Google Voice

In a move apparently calculated to protect the interests of carrier partner AT&T Inc., Apple Inc. has rejected Google Voice for iPhone. Google Voice, available by invite only, is essentially a free unified messaging app that allows users to place cheap international calls and free SMS messages by routing them through Google, and to share […]

Apple to Palm Pre: No iTunes for You

Ouch. Apple Inc. has decided to throw its competitive weight around, by pulling the plug on the rival Palm Pre’s iTunes synching feature. Previously, the gadget would show up as an iPod in iTunes, making for easy media management. Apple now has upgraded the iTunes software to version 8.2.1, which no longer supports that feature. […]

Flat Is Up; Seeds of Change; Women Speak!

OVERHEARD ”Flat is almost the new up.” –Tiffani Bova, vice president of research at Gartner Inc., referring to the forecast for IT/telecom spend for 2009 during her industry address, kicking off the Channel Partners Conference & Expo. Seeds of Change Anyone can fight global warming. A new iPhone app, “A Real Tree” by Mokugift and […]

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