ITU Says Broadband Is the Answer

Expanding the reach of broadband and increasing its available speeds would enable the G20 economies to improve at a faster rate.

Why Governments Can’t Provide Broadband

The new ITU report inadvertently highlights the fact that most governments today are incapable of accomplishing public-infrastructure tasks like ensuring a majority of their citizens have high-speed Internet access.

ITU Calls For Broadband for Half the World

The ITUs ambitious goal would require a huge buildout of high-speed connections not only in poor and developing nations, but in the rural parts of the United States and other affluent countries.

Interoperability Key in Cloud Computing Standards

The International Telecommunication Union will take on the complex job of creating standards for cloud computing. A new ITU-T Focus Group on Cloud Computing has been formed to enable a global cloud computing ecosystem where interoperability facilitates secure information exchange across platforms. The group will take a global view of standards activity in the field […]

ITU OKs Universal Phone Charger Standard

The ITU this week gave its stamp of approval to an energy-efficient universal charger for mobile phones. The new Universal Charging Solution (UCS) enables the same charger to be used for all future handsets, regardless of make and model. In addition to dramatically cutting the number of chargers produced, shipped and subsequently discarded as new […]


Visions of a Digital Future Visions of the digital age will be on display next month at International Telecommunication Unions TELECOM WORLD 2006 event in Hong Kong. The organization earlier this fall put out the call for the industrys best future-gazers to submit two-minute DVD demos outlining their visions for the future in a digital […]

The Trouble with UIFN

Posted: 08/1999 The Trouble with UIFN By Liz Montalbano Not only are some of the service providers listed on the ITU website not actual providers of UIFN, information for certain companies is woefully out of date. In 1997 the International Tele-communications Union (ITU) announced what pundits hailed as the latest and greatest in international toll-free […]

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