PAETEC CEO Chesonis to Opine on CLEC Resurgence Letterman-Style

Arunas Chesonis is the man of the hour. His company, 8-year-old PAETEC Communications (Booth 407), has just announced that it will acquire fellow CLEC US LEC, creating a billion-dollar Super Tier 2 provider, rivaling XO Communications Inc. (Booth 715) and the would-be combination of Time Warner Telecom Inc.-Xspedius, another recently announced CLEC deal. Chesonis serves […]

Judges Reaffirm States Rights for Wireless Truth-in-Billing

A federal appeals court has reaffirmed legal support for states rights to require or prohibit the use of line items on wireless bills. The so-called truth in billing matter directly affects providers including MVNOs and cellular carriers. Judges for the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in late July sided with organizations including the National Association […]

Special Report

Posted: 02/2000 Special Report As the Post-271 World Turns Bell Atlantic Leaps Forward in Long Distance Race By Kim Sunderland Despite the similarities, what’s happening these days in the telecommunications industry isn’t a soap opera. It’s real life. The FCC’s December approval of Bell Atlantic Corp.’s request to provide in-region, long-distance service in New York […]


Posted: 03/1998 GUEST EDITORIAL By Bill Stevens,Principal, Mayfair-Group. Inc. Mayfair Group Inc. has been fortunate to grow into a decent-sized national master agency with just one or two reseller sources. We have been paid promptly; our contracts are really fair to both parties; and there have been some rewards for our narrow focus. Though we’ve […]

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