ITC^Deltacom Takes in BTIs Channel

Posted: 12/2003 ITC^Deltacom Takes in BTIs Channel In finalizing its merger with BTI Telecom Corp. in early October, ITC^DeltaCom Inc. not only has become one of the Southeasts largest CLECs but it has embraced the agent channel. Following the merger, ITC^DeltaCom has a fiber-optic network spanning approximately 14,500 route miles and approximately 230 PoPs and […]

Business News – BUSINESS NEWS

Posted: 05/2000 BUSINESS NEWSTeleCon, InformationView Enter Teaming AgreementTeleCon LLC ( and InformationView Corp. ( have signed an agreement for TeleConSB, a division of TeleCon LLC, to use InformationView’s applications as one of its platform solutions. TeleConSB provides a full range of services to clients for the management and control of telecommunication costs.The agreement allows TeleConSB […]

The "New" Regional Long DistanceCompanies

Posted: 11/1999 The "New" Regional Long Distance Companies By Ken Branson In baseball, coaches call it staying within yourself–the art of hitting the ball hard and consistently, but not necessarily far. It is advice several competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs) seem to have taken to heart. They have concluded–and their routes to this conclusion vary–that […]

Once Upon a Patent

Posted: 08/1998 Once Upon a Patent By Jennifer Knapp In early May, Aerotel U.S.A. Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Holon, Israel-based Aerotel Ltd., announced it had concluded a patent license agreement with AT&T Corp. "relating to prepaid calling card products and services." The details of the agreement were not released, but it was touted […]

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