EDITOR’S LETTER Posted: 08/2006 The Sky is Falling THE FOCUS OF ATTENTION lately has been on the impact of industry consolidation. PHONE+ devoted its cover story to it yet again last month. While this issue does not contain an article specifically on market consolidation, it informs everything our editors are writing about namely […]

Wireless Wins in Vegas

I spent the afternoon moderating the new Wireless Dealer track. What an education that was. Partners who attended this track really hit the jackpot with tips for how to get in on this $175 BILLION industry. At a minimum, they developed a laundry list of the things they didn’t know they didn’t know.

Putting a Face on Telecom

AS I MENTIONED IN LAST MONTHS letter, PHONE+ has a new look for 2006. I think you will agree our artist,Veronica Romero, has helped us design a publication that is contemporary and action-packed. While many of the changes are small a font or a header here and there others are big. Take the cover, for […]


Jetsetters Keep in Touch Travelers now can keep in constant touch when they fly in business jets, thanks to the new MiniMIJET antenna from Starling Advanced Communication Ltd. The device provides two-way Ku band-based connectivity for broadband in-flight applications, such as the Internet, VPN, PDA,VoIP, e-mail, mobile phones, video conferencing, instant messaging and entertainment. Starling […]

ATIS Releases Service Migration Guidelines

ATIS, a technical planning and standards development organization, today released its Local Service Migration Guidelines, Issue 2, a reference to help state regulators and telecom carriers manage the transfer of customers from one service provider to another. Issue 2 includes guidelines for service migration between wireline and wireless service providers, as well as migration scenarios […]

ITC^DeltaCom Announces Financing Commitment

ITC^DeltaCom Inc., the telecommunications provider in the Southeast, on Tuesday announced arranging a $239 million financing commitment from Tennenbaum Capital Partners LLC, a private investment firm. West Point, Ga.-based ITC^DeltaCom said it would use $209 million to fully refinance its senior credit facility while $30 million would be extended as a subordinated secured loan and […]

Round Table

ON WHETHER THE FCC SHOULD ISSUE PERMANENT RULES ALLOWING COMPETITIVE TELECOMMUNICATIONS COMPANIES TO LEASE HIGHCAPACITY LOOPS FROM THE BIGGEST LOCAL PHONE COMPANIES AT GOVERNMENT-MANDATED UNE RATES. “The commission has long recognized that the market for high-capacity facilities and services is a source of mature competition in telecommunications markets, and that imposing an unbundling obligation on […]

Network Security Issues Present Opportunity for Channel

Small and medium businesses want solution providers to help them secure their networks and sensitive business information. Solutions and partnerships can lock up your position in this market. Everything Ive seen, security is the No. 1 issue that customers are struggling with in the SMB space, says Russell Morgan, president and founder of the Information […]

Check & Balance

Today, every landline and wireless facilities carrier is both a buyer and a supplier of telecommunications facilities. Telecom companies are organized to deliver services to their customers. As a result, they tend to concentrate their investments and expertise on the supplier side of the equation. The industry generally has responded in kind. There are several […]

In Box

Posted: 3/2004 Finally, Validation I just read your article in the December 2003 edition of PHONE+. Interesting! The Part Agent, Part Consultant piece is right on target. We entered into the consulting market in 1997. Trusting clients kept asking for our help. We had to start charging. Its now our core business. We feel validated! […]

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