USTelecom Backs FCC Chair’s Plan to Gut Net Neutrality

USTelecom says broadband companies should be able to “continue to invest vigorously in stronger, faster networks for consumers, free from the bureaucratic straightjacket of outdated regulations known as Title II.”

Ecessa Debuts Edge, a Channel Exclusive

Designed for small business networks that rely on constant connectivity to Internet or cloud-based applications, Ecessa Edge combines up to three ISP links of any type.

Net Neutrality: The Battle Lines Are Drawn

The most vocal arguments for and against net neutrality border on the ridiculous. Policymakers should follow the lead of FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler and Senator Al Franken in trying to find a balanced solution.

Level 3, XO Do Peering Deal

The peering agreement between Level 3 and XO is designed to ensure that customers on each of the two ISPs’ networks can continue to exchange data with customers on the other service provider’s network efficiently and cost-effectively.

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