Its the People, Stupid

ITS THE PEOPLE, STUPID. Live by that slogan, and you can get elected to office, run a corner grocery, throw a great dinner party and even grow a $500 million telecom company with a little help from your friends. Its how we grew PAETEC. Its the people: employees, customers, suppliers and everyone else in the […]

Celebrity Sightings!

While youre in D.C., stop by the National Zoo to visit one of D.C.s most famous celebrities Tai Shan!

Disney Turns MVNO with Sprints Help

Mickey Mouse is coming to a home near you. The Walt Disney Internet Group announced yesterday it is becoming an MVNO as it teams with Sprint Corp. to offer its brand of wireless phone service for families in the United States. The service, called Disney Mobile, will use the Sprint Nationwide PCS Network and is […]

Size Isn’t Everything

The latest edition of ATLANTIC-ACM’s U.S. Wholesale Long Distance Carrier Report Card reveals megamergers are set to drive shrinkage in the segment. Assuming the SBC Communications Inc./AT&T Corp. and Verizon Communications Inc./MCI Inc. combinations are completed, total wholesale long-distance voice and data revenue will decline from 2004 revenue of $24.5 billion at a compound annual […]

Smooth Transportation Offered as Grand Prize

There may be an easier, and speedier, mode of transportation than walking the aisles of this weeks CompTel/ASCENT trade show. PointOne Inc. (Booth 322) and XO Communications (Booth 717) have teamed up to sponsor the Spring 2005 Expo grand prize: the Segway Human Transporter (HT). The Segway HT is the first-of-its-kind, self-balancing personal transportation designed […]

Intellectual Capital – David R. Oran

Posted: 07/2001 Intellectual Capital David R. Oran VoIP Pioneer Eyes Audio Quality; Future of Data By Bruce Christian David R. Oran, a pioneer in voice over IP technology, offers a vision of VoIP evolution that’s a long way from where he and many industry colleagues started. While Oran’s view of where VoIP is going can […]

Regulatory News – Congress Continues FCC Squeeze

Posted:  09/2000 Congress Continues FCC Squeeze By Kim Sunderland Some members of Congress have continued their assault on the FCC ( in their attempt to curb the commission’s powers by cutting its budget and imposing time limits on its deliberation of telecom industry mergers.This summer, the U.S. House of Representatives ( passed a spending bill […]

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