Say Nano-Cheese: iPod to Get Camera?

You know how it is when you travel: You likely carry a phone, an iPod and a digital camera. Unless you have an iPhone, which combines all three. But for everyone else, Apple Inc. is reportedly making it easier by incorporating cameras into the next versions of the iPod Nano, iPod Classic and the iPod […]

Microsoft: No iPhones Allowed

Microsoft Corp. has reportedly said it will no longer pay the data charges for employees’ iPhones, BlackBerrys and other rival devices, instead only paying for those incurred by Windows Mobile devices. The anticompetitive, captive audience strategy is perhaps unsurprising, considering that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has for years said that he won’t allow his children […]

BTs Maria Pardee Overheard; Gym-a-Go-Go; Net Lit

“If you put your profitability on your own source code, I promise you — you won’t be here in 10 years.” —Maria Pardee, managing director of global integration for BT, in her April 14 keynote address at the Billing & OSS World Conference & Expo, urging telcos to embrace the open development environment as a […]

Adelstein Overheard, iDrunk, Wedding Bells

Overheard “We should be No. 1 by any measure and anything that we can do to restore our place as a worldwide communications leader, we need to do that urgently.” — Jonathan Adelstein, FCC Commissioner, on national broadband strategy, during an interview with PHONE+ editor Kelly Teal while in Phoenix to deliver a speech on […]

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