iPhone 5s


iPhone 5, 5s Owners in U.S. Are Drunks

Hey, we’re not judging – we’re just reporting the results of a recent survey showing the most common ways the Apple phone’s screens get damaged.

Poll: Which Is the Best Smartphone of 2013?

Apple’s iPhone 5s. Samsung’s Galaxy S4. The HTC One. Google’s Moto X. BlackBerry’s Z10. Nokia’s Lumia 1020. Tell us which is the best handset of the year.

iPhone Sales Up 26% Thanks to 5s, 5c Releases

Releasing a pair of new iPhones just before the end of September did wonders for Apple’s numbers in its fiscal fourth quarter, despite the fact that the company’s profit is down from a year ago.

iPhone 5c Far From a Disaster as 5s Orders Increase

Some are wondering if Apple made a mistake by offering two new smartphones at once last month following news that production for the iPhone 5c is already being cut in half. No way, says one industry insider.

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