iPhone 5c


Apple’s iPhone 5c Lures Away Android Owners

Industry insiders have been critical of Apple’s decision to release the less-expensive iPhone 5c this fall, but the little brother of the flagship 5s is getting a little redemption.

iPhone 5c Far From a Disaster as 5s Orders Increase

Some are wondering if Apple made a mistake by offering two new smartphones at once last month following news that production for the iPhone 5c is already being cut in half. No way, says one industry insider.

New Colors To Boost iPhone 5s Sales Numbers

Apple has been criticized for a perceived lack of innovation in the new iPhone 5s, but maybe all it took was some new colors to sell as many iPhones at launch as last year if not more.

Apple Unveils New 5s and 5c iPhones

The 5s is described as the "new gold standard in the smartphone space," while the cheaper 5c "is beautifully, unapologetically plastic."

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