iPhone 4s


Verizon Wireless Expanding 4G, LTE-Capable iPhone Coming?

Verizon’s plans only to introduce devices capable of supporting its 4G network might lead one to believe the next iPhone will be LTE-capable, although there’s no official word from Apple on when it plans to release another version of its smartphone.

iPhone 4S So Popular, Rivals Won’t Launch New Phones

As sales of the iPhone 4S remain hot, a new report says Samsung, Nokia, LG and HTC are all putting off some of their big new smartphone releases until April or later so as not to compete with Apple so directly.

iPhone 4S Has Major Mojo in 4Q

The increased demand for the iPhone is hardly surprising since Apple and its authorized carriers, including AT&T, Sprint Nextel and Verizon Wireless, began selling the iPhone 4S in October.

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