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$9 iPhone: Clue to iPhone 5 Release?

Gently used, but just $9. More important to most potential buyers is the question this raises: Is this a sign the next-generation iPhone is on its way soon?

Palm on the Defensive: Pre Sales Met Expectations

Fresh off a report that sales of the Pre are a “disaster” in the U.K., Palm is saying hold the phone. Just last week, Carphone Warehouse and staff from exclusive U.K. carrier O2 claimed that sales of the smartphone were downright awful. But Palm has fired back at the report, saying, according to Web site […]

Google Nexus One: Better Value Than Droid, iPhone

Online bill comparison engine BillShrink has once again decided to compare the total cost of ownership across hot smartphones, and now has found that the recently launched Google Inc. Nexus One running on T-Mobile USA will cost a user less, in the end, than either the Motorola Droid or the iPhone 3GS 16GB. The Palm […]

An IT Managers Guide to Smartphones

While a glut of new smartphones on the market this holiday season might be good news for shoppers, it can be a handful for IT managers who are getting a lot of questions from employees who might be looking to pick one of them up for business. BlackBerry has been the traditional leader in the […]

Palm Pre Return Rate Much Better Than Once Thought

Phew. That’s undoubtedly the collective sigh of relief from the folks at Palm and Sprint after hearing a new report that puts the Pre’s return rate at an estimated 11 percent. It’s still higher than that of the new iPhone 3G S – which is reported to be 7 percent by ChangeWave – but a […]

Survey: iPhone Users More Satisfied than Palm Pre Users

So how do you decide which is better – the new Apple iPhone 3G S or the Palm Pre? You take it to the people. A survey conducted by ChangeWave Research shows a whopping 99 percent satisfaction rate among 3G S users; that’s despite all of the problems AT&T has had with its network. The […]

Palm Pre Bashed in Europe

Just when all seemed to be rosy for the new Palm Pre, someone comes out and bashes it – and bashes it hard. Europe is getting set for the debut of the Pre in the next couple of months, but already, some tough British critics are taking some of the comments they’ve heard from the […]

Prediction: iPhone 3G S Sales to Kick Palm Pre Booty

The numbers are in! – well, actually, they’re not, because the Apple iPhone 3G S hasn’t even gone on sale yet – but forecasters are predicting sales to blow sales of the Palm Pre out of the water. A Piper Jaffray analyst believes that Apple and AT&T will sell about half a million of the […]

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