iPhone 3.0


iPhone 3G S Sold Out

AT&T Inc. and Best Buy have run through their pre-order supplies for the new, faster iPhone 3G S, and Apple Inc. said the June 19 arrival date is an “estimate” at this point for the pre-orders it’s taking now. The just-unveiled iPhone 3G S, which includes the new iPhone 3.0 OS, hoped-for 32GB and video […]

Apple Netbook Rumor Resurfaces

He may be on a medical leave of absence, but Apple Inc. co-founder Steve Jobs still has his stock price-impacting fingers involved in things in Cupertino. And apparently, those things include the fabled Apple netbook. In fact, sources tell the Wall Street Journal that he’s specifically working on “new iPhone models and a portable device […]

Apple iPhone Addresses the Enterprise

Research in Motion Ltd.’s BlackBerry might win when it comes to the core strengths of e-mail and calendaring, but Apple Inc.’s iPhone appeals to the enterprise thanks to its intuitive interface, full Web browser and ability to support content-centric applications. And, the coming iPhone 3.0 software upgrade might go a long way to solving some […]

iPhone 3.0: Apple Adds VoIP APIs

Apple Inc. gave a preview of the upcoming iPhone 3.0 software upgrade – no new hardware, people – on Tuesday. The takeaway? The new version provides little additional excitement but does, however, give developers more to work with, including native VoIP support. Flash support is still missing, but the new version of the OS will […]

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