IP communications


ITS Joins AT&T Partner Exchange

ITS will be an AT&T platinum solution provider, authorized to resell AT&T IP-based communications services to businesses.

Outlook 2013: Cautious Optimism

Industry views are both optimistic about the incredible opportunities for partners to outfit customers with these enabling technologies and cautious about the retooling required for partners to realize this potential quickly and profitably.

The ILECs and NTCA 2012

ILECs, affected by the latest FCC reforms on funding and transit rules more than most of us are aware, must develop business plans that address the technological changes that IP communication affords them.

The Internet, Broadband, 4G and Jobs

The economic benefits associated with the adoption of new technologies are very significant. This reinforces the need to support investment in technology and infrastructure improvements by both private and government entities.

Have a COW, Man!

Wireless COWs provide access to patient information, treatment options and communications with other health-care workers.

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