Sprint Chairman Concedes iPhone ‘Mistake’

Sprint acknowledged it erred by failing to reveal the future costs of selling Apples iPhone during an investor meeting last week and vowed to disclose the information in its third-quarter earnings later this month.

Palm Loses $91M, But Shares Soar

Is Palm Inc. the Bill Clinton of the tech world? As in, Teflon? The device-maker reported abysmal earnings for its fourth quarter on Thursday—losses of $91 million, double that of a year ago. And investors rewarded the cash hemorrhaging with…a double-digit rise in share price. Shares shot up almost 17 percent to $16.36 in Friday […]

Moto to Spin Off Device Unit What Now?

After weeks of rumblings around the rumor mill, Motorola Inc. did what many think it should have a while ago: announced it is separating its devices business from its Broadband and Business Mobility division (in English, thats the infrastructure side of the house). Both will be standalone, publicly traded companies. Investors were huzzah-ing, with Motorolas […]

Sprint Stocks Down on Board, CEO Rumors

Sprint shares were down 27 cents during mid-day trading on Friday amid industry rumors that a stockholder wants to sit on the companys board and that CEO Gary Forsee could be on his way out. Relational Investors LLC owns about 1.9 percent of Sprints shares and has stated its concern this week about Sprints management […]

Fishing for Finance

After some slow years, private money again is fueling the communications sector. Its a breeze for the big-name companies to score funding, yet not so simple for lesser-known providers or resellers. Plus, if you dont want more than $10 million, major investment banks and venture capitalists wont even look at you. So what do you […]

Apple Rebounds From AT&T News

Apple Inc. had the last laugh at the end of the week as its stock recovered from AT&T Inc.s iPhone sales hit and soared past the all-time high set on July 20. On Thursday afternoon, Apple shares were trading for $145.60, down from an earlier afternoon price of $147.18, but still surpassing last Fridays record […]

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