AT&T to Invest Billions in Wireless and Fiber

Femtocells; Wi-Fi; HSPA+; an almost doubling of its U-Verse footprint: AT&T Inc. said Tuesday that it plans to invest $17 billion to $18 billion this year despite the recession in these and other initiatives. And, it will add 3,000 new jobs. And what, you might ask, is the economy-beating reason for keeping capex humming along in […]

Microsoft to Invest in DRM Technologies

Microsoft Corp. said today it will make significant investments in its digital rights management (DRM) technologies for the wireless industry. Were responding to our wireless partners around the world who are asking for a solution to enable new scenarios in the industry, said Kevin Johnson, co-president of the platforms and services division at Microsoft. We […]

AT&T to Expand Globally

AT&T Inc. said today it plans to extend its services to more locations in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Latin America and the United States throughout 2006. The carrier expects to expand its dedicated MPLS-based IP access capabilities to offer service nodes in 127 countries; integrate 1,000 legacy SBC nodes into AT&T’s MPLS network; […]

Get Ready for the Collapse of Traditional Access Charges

Posted: 1/2004 Get Ready for the Collapse of Traditional Access Charges By Allen Long Over the last two decades, changes in the telecommunications industry have strained the traditional access charge structure to the breaking point. This structure is likely to collapse during the next two years, and savvy service providers should prepare now for this […]

ASCENT: TMNG launches Quality Systems Audit to Evaluate IT structure

The Management Network Group Inc. (TMNG, Booth 611), a provider of management consulting services to the global communications industry, announced the launch of the new quality systems audit, TMNG QSA, an independent, comprehensive evaluation of an organization’s IT structure, scored against best-practice industry benchmarks. "The current economy is forcing corporate executives, from the board level […]

ROUND TABLE: … Supreme Court Decision Upholding FCC’s Network Element Pricing Rules

Posted: 07/2002 … Supreme Court Decision Upholding FCC’s Network Element Pricing Rules "Most significantly, the Supreme Court decision considers and rejects the Bell companies’ arguments that the TELRIC standard does not allow them to earn a fair return on their investment. This decision will be enormously useful on Capitol Hill, in other court proceedings and […]

Carrier Channel: Data Investments Buoy Declines in Voice

Posted: 09/2000 Data Investments Buoy Declines in Voice By Judy Reed Smith and Taher Bouzayen As century-old circuit-switched long-distance voice services head for retirement, they will be supported quite comfortably by investments in the next-generation — packet-based data services.Without a doubt, data will dominate the language of the future. But, how loud will it speak?Circuit […]

Wireless – Texas Pacific Group Invests in Gemplus

Posted: 06/2000 Texas Pacific Group Invests in Gemplus Texas Pacific Group, an international private equity firm, will invest between $300 and $500 million in equity into Gemplus (, a provider of smart card-based solutions and technologies.Texas Pacific Group will join Founder and Chairman Marc Lassus, Gemplus employees and members of the Quandt Family of Germany, […]

Business News – McLeodUSA Expands Territory

Posted: 08/1999 McLeodUSA Expands Territory McLeodUSA Inc., Cedar Rapids, Iowa, has agreed to acquire Access Communications Inc. and SJ Investments Inc., both of Salt Lake City, which operate as Access Long Distance. Under the terms of the agreement, McLeod will pay approximately 1.9 million shares of 144(a) unregistered McLeodUSA stock and about $50 million in […]

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