Manual Intervention

In the back rooms or on the bottom shelves at almost any small, medium or large business, there rest the emergency manuals. Employees consult these manuals during an emergency situation to determine what protocol to follow, the tasks for which they are responsible and whom to call during which stages of the incident that is, […]

Divine Intervention: Jim Butler

Like most telecom agents, Jim Butler has decades of industry experience and sales success, including nine years as a top salesman with a regional long-distance company in Southern California along with serving as a founding member of the Agent Alliance. And like most entrepreneurs, he works long hours as founder and president of agency TeleCHOICE […]


STBS Inc. (Booth 1620), which provides turnkey billing and customer care solutions to service providers, announces the availability of its new Web-enabled service delivery platform (WSDP). The product builds on STBS Webcare module by providing a Web portal that allows end users to shop, buy, provision and manage new services, including wireline, wireless, VoIP, video […]

One Step at a Time

Posted: 08/2002 One Step at a Time Catalog, Rating, Mediation Solutions Ease Migration to Convergent Billing By Peter Lambert Randy Minervino Profitec SUCH CREATIVE PACKAGING and cross-service discounting will be the order of the day as new customer growth shrinks and churn numbers rise, industry experts predict. Implementing this creativity will require an end to […]

Anti-Fraud Arsenal

Posted: 10/1998 Anti-Fraud Arsenal Detection and Intervention Systems Combat Subscription Fraudsters By Mario McCash Subscription fraudsters come in all types, and each prey upon telecommunications service providers that eagerly welcome new customers in this highly competitive market. In subscription fraud, a person establishes telephone service at a business or residence, runs up a high volume […]

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