Wholesalers Give Resellers ‘Backstage Passes’

Posted: 04/1999 Wholesalers Give Resellers ‘Backstage Passes’ By Khali Henderson Forget front-row seats. Wholesale carriers are giving resellers increasing "behind-the-scenes" access to their operational support systems (OSSs) via the World Wide Web. While underlying carriers have long interfaced with their resale customers electronically to process batch orders and deliver call detail records (CDRs), their newer, […]

Only Human

Posted: 03/1999 Only Human Moving from Technocentric to Usercentric Product Development By Ken Branson In 1854, the news that Maine and Texas could communicate by telegraph left Henry David Thoreau underwhelmed. "No one seems to have inquired," the sage of Walden Pond noted crankily, "whether Maine and Texas have anything to communicate. Thoreau spoke, unknowingly, […]

Nortel Updates Switch Platform with OC-3 Connection

Posted: 12/1998 Nortel Updates Switch Platform with OC-3 Connection By Peter Meade While the direct optical connection is a move toward "more equals more," the DMS-SPM announcement also carries several equally attractive "less-is-more" features. In the heated race between the elite switch makers, Nortel Networks, Mississauga, Ontario, recently put itself in a better position to […]

Building Customer Loyalty With Customer Interface Software

Posted: 04/1998 By Jay Waldron What happens when a customer calls your main number in Sacramento, Calif., with questions regarding an account? Can you answer all those questions? Or do you have to transfer them to a division in Amarillo, Texas, to answer the second question? Does the representative in Amarillo then have to transfer […]

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