ASCENT: CustomCall Data Systems Adds Interface to BizTelOne Clearinghouse

CustomCall Data Systems (Booth 309) today announced that it is expanding its OSS offering with software that will interface to EDI platforms seamlessly from all CustomCall order-entry applications. With the EDI interfaces, CustomCall will enable UNE-P resellers to provision orders for local service through EDI platforms without leaving the CustomCall application. Results from EDI order […]

PARTNER CHANNEL: Zen and the Art of Enhanced Video

Posted: 06/2002 Zen and the Art of Enhanced Video By Tara Seals From every corner of the communications business world, the chanting comes: Must reduce operational expenditures. Must gain ROI. Must drive value through fixed assets. Must be profitable. IP-based video applications and the platforms that make them possible may seem unlikely value-adds, but the […]

Coming Together

Posted: 2/2002 Coming Together Easier Interfaces, Affordable Rates Target Webconferencing’s Sweet Spot By Khali Henderson At the same time that economic pressures and travel concerns have cast the spotlight on conferencing technologies, webconferencing service providers have rolled out next-generation versions of their collaborative meeting applications with user-friendly functionality and flexible pricing — perceived barriers to […]


Posted: 1/2002 Products Primal’s GUI Permits ‘Non-traditional’ Unified Messaging Primal Technologies Inc., a provider of specialized intelligent network applications for telecommunications carriers and service providers, has deployed its latest version of Primal Connect. Primal Connect is a computer desktop/PDA graphical user interface (GUI) that gives service provider subscribers greater functionality of their telephony needs by […]

Service on a Portal

Posted: 01/2001 Service on a Portal Web-user Interface Enables Enhanced Communications By Khali Henderson Communications portal. What does that mean? If you think of Internet telephony service providers such as Net2Phone Inc. ( and (, you’d be right–at least under the strictest definition. Certainly by now, Webster’s wordsmiths would have added a few more […]

Business News – BellSouth’s RoboTAG Adds GUI to EDI Gateway

Posted: 06/2000 BellSouth’s RoboTAG Adds GUI to EDI Gateway BY BRUCE CHRISTIAN BellSouth Interconnection Services ( has introduced RoboTAG (short for robust TAG), new software that gives resale and facilities-based CLECs the ability to access pre-order information and submit orders through an electronic interface gateway with a GUI.The software also lets CLECs receive and process […]

Cisco Scales Routing Products to 5 Terabits

Posted: 02/2000 Cisco Scales Routing Products to 5 Terabits BY CHARLOTTE WOLTER n an effort to provide flexible pipes for what it sees as the coming growth waves in data networking, Cisco Systems Inc. ( has unveiled a strategy to make its core network routing product line scalable to 5 terabits of capacity by early […]

IP Call Control Still Under Construction

Posted: 10/1999 IP Call Control Still Under Construction By Charlotte Wolter Building the standards for call control in IP networks is an ongoing process, though the effort has reached an important milestone with H.248 Large-scale deployments of Internet protocol (IP) telephone networks still have failed to materialize, despite several years of feverish interest and investigation […]

Frontier Wholesale Services To Offer GreaterGlobalization

Posted: 09/1999 Frontier Wholesale Services To Offer Greater Globalization By Liz Montalbano The wholesale services division of Frontier Corp. will have a stronger international presence now that the Rochester, N.Y.-based carrier will merge with Hamilton, Bermuda-based Global Crossing Ltd., according to Anthony J. Palma, vice president of carrier marketing for Frontier. "I think the biggest […]

Moving Corporate Solutions Into the Cloud

Posted: 09/1999 Moving Corporate Solutions Into the Cloud By Pamela Thompson Enhanced services typically have been structured as independent service offerings by separate business units within a single service provider. In a PTT, for instance, it is common for the wireless, Internet and wireline providers to each have implemented their own enhanced services solutions. These […]

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