FCC OKs ALLTEL-Western Wireless Merger

The FCC has given ALLTEL Corp. approval to acquire Western Wireless Corp., but imposed conditions requiring the divestiture of Western Wireless assets in 16 markets in Arkansas, Kansas and Nebraska. Federal regulators concluded the merger of Little Rock, Ark.-based ALLTEL and Bellevue, Wash.-based Western Wireless will serve the public interest, convenience, and necessity. Through the […]

Ask The Expert – Gain Interest From Colos

Dear Expert Eye, I recently established an LLC to represent a colocation facilites group. I have contacted many CIOs in the Midwest market and have found it difficult to gain their interest even though they have or need colocation. Should I be contacting a different title/position? Also, in an effort to establish sales agents for […]

FiberNet Restructures Finances

FiberNet Telecom Group Inc., a company selling wholesale capacity to communications providers in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York, announced Thursday it has completed an agreement to restructure its financial obligations. FiberNet converted $66 million of debt into equity, leaving the company with $33.4 million in debt. The New York-based carrier’s carrier issued 440,000,000 shares […]

Not Necessarily News

Posted: 11/2000 Overheard … … at the AgENt Conference and Expo in New Orleans … "As complicated as [wireless] seems, remember it’s simply radio. I call it Marconi in the millennium." –Keith Ferris, FerrisCom (www. /I> Play Ball Rogers Communications Inc. (www. has agreed to purchase a controlling interest in Toronto Blue Jays […]

Stocks Seesaw on Interest Rate Woes

Posted: 09/2000 Economy Slows May Spell End to Rate Hikes Signs the economy is slowing heartened Wall Street at the end of our session (July 15), as an unexpected drop in the government’s Producer Price Index (PPI) renewed hope the Fed may be done with rate hikes for the year.After six rate increases since June […]

Stocks Seesaw on Interest Rate Woes

Posted: 08/2000 Stocks Seesaw on Interest Rate Woes Wall Street fell and climbed during our reporting period (ending June 15), after the Federal Reserve raised rates as expected by 50 basis points. Recent economic news shows that inflationary pressures may be moderating, and that the Fed may not have to keep hiking interest rates.Technology issues […]

Resale Channel: Capacity Trading Finds Pooling Interest

Posted: 06/2000 Capacity Trading Finds Pooling Interest By Khali Henderson Commodity trading of communications capacity is moving quickly from cyberspace to the physical realm as parties are pooling their interests to create standards and neutral interconnection, leaving some eyeing a telecom derivatives market as early as next year.Recognizing that the exchange model would compete with […]

Regulatory News – Competitors Urge Denial of MCI WorldCom-Sprint Merger

Posted:  04/2000 Competitors Urge Denial of MCI WorldCom-Sprint Merger BY KIM SUNDERLAND As two of the nation’s largest IXCs attempt to combine forces in one of the new millennium’s first and biggest telecom mergers, the FCC ( prepares to issue its determination of whether the controversial deal benefits the public interest. To hear competitive carriers […]

Will Congress Pull Plug on FCC Merger ReviewPower?

Posted: 08/1999 Will Congress Pull Plug on FCC Merger Review Power? By Kim Sunderland Several members of Congress, hell bent on restructuring or even eradicating the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), now are threatening to remove the federal agency’s authority to review proposed mergers between telecommunications companies. While many industry insiders consider this congressional warning ludicrous–mainly […]

Public Interest Debate Moves to Center Stage

Posted: 11/1998 Public Interest Debate Moves to Center Stage By Carol L. Bowers With the regional Bell operating companies (RBOCs) closer than ever to satisfying the Telecom-munications Act of 1996’s 14-point checklist for in-region long distance entry, the debate is about to shift from whether they’ve satisfied the law’s requirements to whether it would be […]

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