InfiniRoute VoIP Direct Helps Carriers Connect Emerging Markets

InfiniRoute Networks Inc., which provides managed VoIP peering services for carriers, has unveiled VoIP Direct, giving Tier 1 carriers connections to carriers in emerging global markets such as Latin America, Asia Pacific and Eastern Europe. InfiniRoute says VoIP Direct provides transparent VoIP peering over one connection that establishes a VoIP peering community. The new service […]

CRG West Opens Neutral Meet-Me-Room in Nations Capital

CRG West has opened its first neutral meet-me-room in Washington, D.C., at its 1275 K Street NW facility, offering interconnections and data center colocation to tenants including facilities-based telecommunication carriers, ISPs, and VoIP, wireless and content providers. Tenants can lease or license space within the facility, and have unrestricted rights to link with other authorized […]

VoIP Enters Neutral Zone

As delivery of VoIP services becomes more attractive to carriers, they accordingly are looking to migrate their carrier-to-carrier connections. Since we last reported on this topic in the April 2004 issue of PHONE+, several additional options now are on the table in support of this goal. In late May, for example, InfiniRoute Networks Inc. came […]

All Aboard the VoIP Train

Subways catch on in cities where driving is a punishing, prohibitive exercise in futility. Take New York or London. There, it’s much easier to hop a train and let the conductor take care of getting you safely to where you want to go. The same could be said of voice over IP - a destination upon […]

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