Vero Rolls Out Call Management Point

OSS provider Vero Systems Inc. (Booth 806) has rolled out Call Management Point (CMP), the companys platform for moving voice routing beyond the switch and into the intelligent layer of the network. The company says this allows for more complex, real-time voice-routing techniques. The technology employed in CMP provides the highest level of routing sophistication […]

DCA Positions for Service Innovation

Veteran billing and back-office solutions provider DCA Services Inc. (Booth 401) has positioned itself as an enabler for service providers that continue to search for new opportunities to add billable products and services, acquire customers, improve operational efficiencies, remain competitive and grow with the changing market. More and more, service providers are dealing with disparate […]

NBS Announces Two New Products

NBS (Booth 709) announced the availability of two new VoIP offerings that affiliated agents and channel partners can add to their portfolios of services. The NBS Hosted and Intelligent Local T1 services allow either full or partial VoIP convergence solutions for the commercial marketplace. Full commissions are paid on both products and cash bonuses on […]

IceWEB Signs New Affiliates

Solutions provider IceWEB Inc. has signed IceMAIL affiliate agreements with Intelligent Office of Reston, Va., and Independent Network Solutions (INS) of Hendersonville, Tenn. The affiliates will market and sell IceMAIL Hosted Microsoft Exchange to their customers. IceMAIL is a business e-mail service that offers shared calendars, contacts, scheduling, unlimited storage, faxing and more. Intelligent Office, […]

RAD Delivers End-to-End Ethernet OAM

RAD Data Communications Inc. says it has the worlds first-to-market pre-standard implementation of ITU Y.1731 and IEEE 802.1ag, which allow for end-to-end Ethernet operations, administration, and maintenance (OAM). Y.1731 and 802.1ag define end-to-end OAM capabilities intrinsic to Ethernet technology, enabling service providers to monitor the Ethernet service the customer receives. The IEEEs 802.3ah OAM, in […]

Entone Introduces Armada Intelligent Asset Manager

Entone Technologies (Booth 526) has deployed an approach to managing video on-demand assets designed to dramatically improve the economics of VoD service delivery. The companys Armada asset allocation solution goes beyond traditional, static VoD content distribution systems by dynamically and cost-effectively placing video assets in the appropriate location and storage media based on their real-time […]

SNET DG Deploys New Tekelec Eagle STPs in California

SNET Diversified Group (Booth 518) has deployed a new mated pair of Tekelec Eagle STPs in Los Angeles and Sherman Oaks, Calif. These new STPs will continuously be monitored by our industry leading Intelligent Network Operation Center (INOC) utilizing Tekelecs integrated Sentinel system. The new California STPs are interconnected with the existing SNET DG STPs […]

NCR Launches Intelligent Carrier Services

NCR Corp. (Booth 235) says it will launch its Intelligent Carrier Services around the world, enabling telecommunications carriers operating globally to deliver value-added solutions to more locations with greater speed and at the highest service levels, says the company. NCRs Intelligent Carrier Services will enable carriers to extend IP-based services, including IP telephony and virtual […]

BellSouth launches Intelligent DSU Service

BellSouth now offers Intelligent DSU (IDSU) service enabling telecommunications service providers to economically install and monitor Frame Relay networks, end-to-end, including IDSU equipment, it was announced at this weeks CompTel/Ascent Alliance Expo. This new offering uses the BellSouth Network Visibility Service (NVS) to provide operational advantages to wholesale customers using BellSouth Frame Relay Service. BellSouth […]

Phone Plus Prepaid: The Smarter Way to Vend

Posted: 6/2003 The Smarter Way to Vend By Tara Seals While point-of-sale technology, online replenishment and top-up by phone strategies are taking their toll on the prepaid card vending industry, an effort to create intelligent vending machines is one trend keeping this distribution channel alive. For instance, Blackstone Calling Card began the nationwide deployment of […]

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