Sprint, the Media and the Truth about Customer Satisfaction

Posted: 09/1998 Sprint, the Media and the Truth about Customer Satisfaction By Casey Freymuth For the fourth consecutive year, Sprint Communications Co. has topped the industry in J.D. Power and Associates’ 1998 Residential Long Distance Telephone Customer Satisfaction Study (see page 19) among high-volume users spending more than $50 per month. Undoubtedly, major newspapers nationwide […]

Back Office Takes Center Stage

Posted: 06/1998 Back Office Takes Center Stage Maintaining Your Billing Process–and Your Cool–is Easier Said than Done By Peter Meade A recent survey revealed that 36 percent of responding resellers were "largely dissatisfied" with their current billing system. Worse yet, the survey conducted by Young Communications Inc. found an even larger number of respondents feel […]

Know Your Enemy

Posted: 09/1997 Know Your Enemy The Role of Competitive Intelligence in the Telecom Industry By Steve Racz The world’s most stunningly successful companies did not arrive at their preeminent positions by reading tea leaves to understand the behavior of their competitors and the direction of their markets. Companies like Metropolitan Life, General Electric, Intel, Microsoft, […]

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