Peer Networks – Plague or Promise?

The reemergence of the peer network has begun the discussion of whether there is a way for organizations to capitalize and make money. The fact that almost 70 percent of all traffic on the Internet today is peer-to-peer (P2P) gives us an indication of the rapid growth and penetration of P2P technology. The P2P networking […]

Acceris to Enforce VoIP Patent

Acceris Communications Inc. (Booth 401) has secured a patent for the Voice Internet Transmission System. Filed in 1996, the patent reflects foundational thinking, application and practice in what has grown to be the VoIP services market. The VoIP patent, together with an existing Acceris patent and its related international patent applications, forms an international patent […]

Online Marketing & the Law – Part II

Posted: 1/2004 Online Marketing & the Law – Part II BEST PRACTICES, PROTECTING YOUR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY By David O. Klein and John T. Um (Editor’s note: In late 2003, Congress passed federal legislation regulating unsolicited commercial e-mail. The authors of this article will present an overview of the new law in an upcoming issue of […]

Intellectual Capital – David R. Oran

Posted: 07/2001 Intellectual Capital David R. Oran VoIP Pioneer Eyes Audio Quality; Future of Data By Bruce Christian David R. Oran, a pioneer in voice over IP technology, offers a vision of VoIP evolution that’s a long way from where he and many industry colleagues started. While Oran’s view of where VoIP is going can […]

Intellectual Capital – Ken Rice

Posted: 06/2001 Intellectual Capital Ken Rice Raises Trading Stakes with Focus on IP, Storage By Bruce Christian Within the next two to three years businesses will make decisions based on bandwidth prices, just as they consider energy costs today.At least that is what Enron Broadband Services Inc. ( CEO Ken Rice opines, when he looks […]

In Box – Give Marconi His Due

Posted: 04/2001 In Box Give Marconi His Due In point of fact, Marconi invented the wireless telegraph (January PHONE+, Intellectual Capital. Although it was the first digital wireless system (binary dot-dash code), and a remarkable development, it was not what we call radio; Fessenden, deForest, Armstrong, and others built on Marconi’s work, using first amplitude, […]

Intellectual Capital – William C.Y. Lee Looks Ahead to 4G Wireless

Posted: 03/2001 Intellectual Capital William C.Y. Lee Looks Ahead to 4G Wireless By Bruce Christian Calling it a patched-up system that could be inefficient, William C.Y. Lee, one of the world’s leading authorities on mobile communications, says it may be best if the industry were to leapfrog over third-generation wireless and prepare for the fourth-generation. […]

Intellectual Capital

Posted: 12/2000 Intellectual Capital Bob Annunziata: ‘A True Visionary’ By Kim Sunderland Following a surprise departure as CEO at Global Crossing Ltd. ( in March, Robert Annunziata landed with two other startup ventures this year, PF.Net Communications and Coreon. Vital Stats Name: Robert Annunziata Title: Chairman of PF.Net Communications Inc. ( and Coreon Inc. ( […]

Intellectual Capital

Posted: 09/2000 Intellectual Capital Evslin Owes Success to ‘Smart Lucky’ By Ken Branson Vital Stats Name: Tom Evslin Title: Chairman, Founder and CEO Company: ITXC Corp. Air Miles Logged: 200K+ annually Pleasures: Travel, Reading, Scuba Philosophy: The reasonable man sees the world the way it is and adapts himself to it. The unreasonable man insists […]

Business News – Switching Leader Joins Softswitch Consortium

Posted: 04/2000 Switching Leader Joins Softswitch Consortium BY CHARLOTTE WOLTER After months of negotiation and compromise, Lucent Technologies Inc. has joined the Softswitch Consortium, an organization of more than 70 vendors and service providers formed to develop internetworking technologies for Internet-based real-time interactive communications.Many in the consortium ( consider Lucent’s inclusion critical because of its […]

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