Round Table

On the America COMPETES Act, which, in part, reforms high-tech innovation policy The American economy is the envy of the world, and we need to keep it that way. Pres. George W. Bush [O]ur workforce must have the technical skills to make it advantageous for companies to keep their businesses here in the U.S. instead […]

Will Telecom Rewrite Inspire Provider Makeovers?

When their current business plan goes out of style, companies need a fresh new look to attract customers and increase profitability. In todays executive roundtable, COMPTEL attendees will hear from members who have revamped their business models to keep up with the changing times. Panelists include Hank Carabelli, president and CEO of Pac-West Telecomm Inc.; […]

Special Delivery: Four Letters Inspire Niche Providers

VoIP - and increased interest by carriers in providing it - has prompted the development of specialty wholesale network services and even companies that cater to the needs of nextgen communications companies. Take Mzima Networks Inc. The company, founded in February 2002, offers direct terminations to more than 300 domestic and in-country international partners over an all- […]

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