Trading Desk – Trading Post with Derrick Parkhill

Posted: 05/2001 Trading Desk Trading Post This month’s telecom Q&A, with Derrick Parkhill, vice president of Amerex Bandwidth. Q: What Is the Role of Telecom’s Large Debt Obligations in Bandwidth Trading Development? A: The looming debt issue is perhaps the one single thing that may force the hand of the telecoms that have, to date, […]

Keys to the Kingdom

Posted: 04/2001 Keys to the Kingdom New App Provisioning Architecture Bodes Well for Telecom Channels By Peter Lambert and Fred Dawson Amid all the talk about new revenue opportunities bursting into play for service providers of every description, the missing ingredient has been an operations platform through which service providers (SPs) can aggregate, distribute and […]

Wholesale – Channel Briefs

Posted: 03/2001 Wholesale Channel Briefs Pathnet Telecommunications Inc., ( a wholesale, convergent telecommunications service provider that combines local access services and long-haul transport in underserved markets, has received the Virginia State Corporation Commission’s approval for CLEC status. Virginia is the 40th state commission to approve Pathnet’s status. States that already have approved the CLEC status […]

Wholesale: Level 3 Tops $2 Billion in Dark Fiber Sales

Posted: 02/2001 Level 3 Tops $2 Billion in Dark Fiber Sales By Josh Long In a cash-parched market, Level 3 Communications Inc. ( complemented its $5 billion portfolio of available cash through year 2000 sales of dark fiber and related services valued at more than $2 billion. Last November, the carrier’s carrier announced dark fiber […]

Wholesale: Birch Among First To Test Pronto Network

Posted: 12/2000 Birch Among First To Test Pronto Network By Khali Henderson Through a market trial being conducted with SBC Communications Inc. (, Birch Telecom Inc. ( will be among the first CLECs to offer its customers Internet access over the network platform SBC is creating through its $6 billion Project Pronto initiative. SBC spokeswoman […]

IP-Based Content Forces Changes in LEC Billing

Posted: 12/2000 IP-Based Content Forces Changes in LEC Billing By Chris Garifo It’s a wonder Bob Dylan isn’t adding a verse about LEC billing to his old song, "The Times They Are A-Changin’." With dial tone gravitating toward commodity status, service providers are looking to value-added services to provide the revenue streams that will give […]

End-to-End IP Vision Comes Into Focus

Posted: 09/2000 End-to-End IP Vision Comes Into Focus By Charlotte Wolter A carrier’s carrier that takes traffic nationwide from customer premises to customer premises, all on the same network?That would be a rare prize today, but a number of new carriers and established network providers are beginning to use new technology to fulfill that vision.The […]

Business News – MFN to Create First Premises-to-Premises Optical Internet Infrastructure

Posted: 04/2000 MFN to Create First Premises-to-Premises Optical Internet Infrastructure Metromedia Fiber Network, Inc. (MFN, and its subsidiary AboveNet Communications Inc.( are implementing a $1.4 billion broadband infrastructure expansion that will create the largest customer premises-to-customer premises, purely optical, IP network in North America and Europe.“With our own end-to-end fiber network connecting AboveNet facilities […]

Toward Cost-Effective ‘Convergence’

Posted: 03/2000 Toward Cost-Effective ‘Convergence’ By Pedro Colaco Deregulation and fierce competition are reducing revenue and eroding profit margins, which no longer surprises any voice service provider. Also, revenue growth in the voice services market virtually has halted at between 2 percent and 5 percent in the United States and is only slightly higher globally. […]

The Case for Next-Gen Local Loop

Posted: 12/1999 The Case for Next-Gen Local Loop By Kumar Shah Until the emergence of the packetized local loop, there has been no cost-effective way to deliver the full spectrum of broadband services businesses need by leveraging existing copper loops. Driven by new applications such as virtual private networks (VPNs) and voice over Internet protocol […]

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