Carrier Channel: SHAPE UP OR SHIP OUT

Posted: 8/2003 SHAPE UP OR SHIP OUT International Wholesale Voice Faces Next Wave By Nicholas Topham The last major strategic shift in the wholesale voice market occurred in the mid-’90s, when the European telcos entered the refile market and brought fundamental change to the structure of the business. The value of the average wholesale minute […]


Posted: 6/2003 Spam Jam Spam accounts for 24 percent of corporate mailbox traffic and could grow to nearly half (49 percent) by 2007, The Radicati Group Inc. found. The real cost of spam is not in user productivity, which is highly subjective, but rather in the cost of the messaging infrastructure required to support inflated […]

Carrier Channel: Gigabit Ethernet Race Picks Up Speed

Posted: 6/2003 Gigabit Ethernet Race Picks Up Speed By Khali Henderson Gigabit Ethernet is at a crossroads. At once it is finding a market among large enterprises, but lacking in sellers. Most of the entrepreneurial champions of high-speed Ethernet technology in the metro — the so-called EtherLECs — were stopped in their tracks by telecom’s […]


Posted: 4/2003 Overheard… "It can best be described as our day of the hanging chad. We got three votes, and we don’t want to go back and count them again." –David W. Dorman, chairman and CEO, AT&T Corp., during his keynote address at the Comptel Annual Conference & Exposition, referring to the FCC’s Triennial Review […]

Big Pipes in Indian Country

Forget Africa and China, one of the world’s most underserved populations is right here in the United States. Native American tribal nations are eying broadband access as the key to sustainable economic growth, and the Federal Communications Commission ( and infrastructure companies finally are ready to partner in the initiative, speakers said Thursday at The […]

TAG: Defining the Master Agent

Posted: 09/2002 Defining the Master Agent By Tara Seals Brad Miehl MASTER AGENTS LONG HAVE BEEN THOUGHT of as aggregators of business. Webster’s Dictionary defines an "agent" as one who is authorized to act for or in the place of another as a business representative. "Master," as an adjective, is defined as being a device […]

Partner Channel – An Internet Infrastructure Channel Partners Program with Dash of Hollandaise

Posted: 12/2001 Partner Channel An Internet Infrastructure Channel Partners Program with Dash of Hollandaise By Tara Seals Eggs are in just about everyone’s refrigerator. But serve them with English muffin, a slice of ham and some hollandaise sauce and you have the ultimate breakfast value-add: Eggs Benedict. Nowadays, everyone has Internet. But Equinix Inc. hopes […]

Wholesale Channel – ASP Dedicates Infrastructure for Telcos

Posted: 09/2001 Wholesale Channel ASP Dedicates Infrastructure for Telcos By Josh Long and Khali Henderson Many ASPs are targeting telecom providers as distributors of their hosted computing services. The strategy makes perfect sense: Sell the service through the vendor that end users know and trust and already are writing a check to every month. For […]

Business News – US Data Inks $33M Contract

Posted: 07/2001 Business News US Data Inks $33M ContractUS Data Authority Inc. (USDA,, a network infrastructure company that focuses on content delivery, online data storage and high-speed bandwidth connectivity, has signed a $33 million dollar contract with Hitachi Systems ( to expedite delivery of data storage hardware and support to launch a national Internet […]

The New Collaboration Imperative

Posted: 06/2001 The New Collaboration ImperativeOf all the bottlenecks that must be broken to realize the full potential of a new generation of IP-based services, the most significant is the cultural bottleneck of resistance to change within the end-user community. That’s why the sales channels that are closest to the customers are suddenly at ground […]

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