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BT: IT Managers Back ‘BYOD’

Security’s an issue. Of employees who use their own device for work, one in three see no risk” in using their own device in a work context and just a quarter recognize the significant risk they pose to company security.

Agent World Gives IT Vendors Road Map for Recurring Revenue

Now is the time to ensure that the sales of Internet connectivity and related telecom services, as well as new cloud services, expand through the channel-partner universe at a rate and pace that is unprecedented in the telecom industrys 100+ year history.

Cloud Computing ‘May Be a Lot of Hot Air’

Despite the fact that "cloud" has become a ubiquitous technology term, more than half of IT pros who responded to a new survey said it’s "too risky for prime time" and only suitable for commodity applications like CRM and email.

New IT Training Offerings Reflect Changing Times

Only in recent years have social media and mobility begun to affect information technology in significant ways. Security is the most common issue, but there are other factors making it necessary to not only take note of social media and mobility, but to invest in them.

Time For IT Solutions at Channel Partners

Partners are increasingly expected to meet full business technology needs, meaning telecom and IT services. SMBs and SEs are increasingly less willing to separate the two into discrete buckets, and go here for one and there for another.

The Rise of the Cloud Integrator

Whether the term itself gains traction in the evolving cloud lexicon, the purpose and function it describes are critical to the success of enterprise cloud deployments. And, the channel is well positioned to take on this role.

Pancakes and Panned

In addition to having a Fixed-Mobile Convergence (FMC) solution, the popularity of mobile smartphones and tablets is accelerating the need to support a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy for all IT applications.

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