Info Directions Nominated for Operational Excellence

Info Directions has been nominated for an Operational Excellence award in the Sixth Annual TeleStrategies Billing World 2006 Excellence Awards. The Excellence Awards recognize achievement in the systems and software that drive the world of communications. The Operational Excellence award recognizes projects that have resulted in significant improvements in customer operational performance. Info Directions has […]

GlobalTouch Implements InfoDirections CostGuard.NET

InfoDirections Inc. (Booth 731) reports GlobalTouch Telecom has implemented its CostGuard.NET technology to manage OSS/BSS functions for Globaltouchs growing customer base. Info Directions develops net-centric billing, rating, order management, workflow and selling solutions for the telecommunications industry. GlobalTouch is a facilities-based carrier offering international and domestic calling programs in the United States and Canada. The […]

To E-bill or Not to E-bill

Posted: 09/2002 To E-bill or Not to E-bill That is the Question, but the Answer Lies Somewhere In Between By Peter Lambert Bill Miller REPORTS OF ITS BIRTH had been greatly exaggerated. So are forecasts of its demise. For electronic billing presentment and payment (EBPP), the pace of adoption has not lived up to forecasts. […]

Option Shock

Posted: 06/2002 Option Shock Service Providers Grapple with Customer-friendly IP Billing By Peter Lambert Keith Wolters Senior director, product and industry marketing, Convergys Corp. BILLING VENDORS HAVE BEEN AWFULLY CREATIVE in generating usage-based, content-based and value-based pricing tools these past few years. Now their customers find themselves challenged to prove themselves equally creative in applying […]

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