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Are Carriers Stepping on Agents Toes?

        Josh Anderson, founder and CEO, Telephony Partners Retention is a critical component to the success of every distribution tier in our industry. Carriers, master agents and subagents all have a vested interest in maintaining business that they fought hard to acquire. That said, the agendas of these three entities can sometimes […]

How to Build a Channel Program

BNET Blogger Geoffrey James shares 11 tips for creating a successful channel program. These are foundational steps that get channel masters to think not only tactically but philosophically about the channel. The most important bit of advice: Recognize there are fundamental differences between the partner’s expectations and the vendor’s expectations. That should go a long […]

Agents Resting on Their Laurels

      By Peter Radizeski, President of RAD-INFO In Consulting Magazine this month, Deloitte announced 18 percent in year-over-year growth and double-digit growth rates for the past four or five years. Deloitte notes that it probably can’t sustain that rate, but the secret was in staying ahead of the curve in what its customers need. […]

Survey: VARs and Systems Integrators Sway Carrier Service Sales

Solutions providers — otherwise known as data VARs and systems integrators — are selling complex solutions along with carrier services in surprising numbers, according to a new survey conducted earlier this year by Level 3 Communications Inc. The poll found 89 percent of solutions providers surveyed provide carrier services. The survey, which was conducted by […]

What to Look for in a Master Agent

With low barriers to entry, anyone who signs a contract directly with a service provider can call themselves a master agent. While this is technically true, from my experience, it is much better for most agents to align with one master agent compared with trying to be successful at both selling services directly to end […]

What to Look for in a Channel Program

Indirect sales partners must evaluate many criteria before entering into a distribution agreement with a supplier. These include the viability of the vendors product in the market, the companys financial stability and how easy it is to do business with the company. This last point brings up a host of considerations that partners should look […]

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