Soap Box – Service Providers Jockey as Rules Shift Balance of Power

Posted: 01/2001 Service Providers Jockey as Rules Shift Balance of Power By Whitney T. Weller Recent FCC ( regulations regarding the unbundling of services certainly have shaken up the balance of power in the telecom industry by enabling carrier’s carriers–like Qwest Communications International Inc. (–to bypass ILECs–like Verizon Communications (–and establish direct links to customers. […]

CLECs Enter Next Growth Phase

Posted: 07/2000 CLECs Enter Next Growth PhaseBy John Windhausen Jr.The local telephone marketplace is undergoing a quiet but substantial transformation. The result could be even more creativity, chaos and, ultimately, competition.From the macro perspective, the local marketplace seems bustling with activity. From revenue of slightly more than $1 billion in the year before the 1996 […]

It’s a Steamroller Baby …

Posted: 07/2000 It’s a Steamroller Baby … SBC’s Project Pronto’s Gonna Roll All Over You By Kim Sunderland There’s a $6 billion initiative steadily being turned out in Texas that purports to flatten resellers like a steamroller. Their fear is that SBC Communications Inc.’s ( Project Pronto, the RBOC’s separate affiliate for broadband, could be […]

Regulatory, Competitive Challenges Facing Local Prepaid

Posted: 06/2000 Regulatory, Competitive Challenges Facing Local Prepaid By Glenn S. Richards, Esq., and David S. Konczal, Esq. Prepaid local carriers are growing in scope and number. In many ways, the prepaid local industry represents everything Congress envisioned in passing the Telecommunications Act of 1996–risk-taking entrepreneurs offering new telecommunications services to the underserved segments of […]

What’s in a Name?

Posted: 05/2000 Stacking the Deck Stakes Grow Higher in Advanced Services Contest By Kim Sunderland When entering a gambling town, it’s easy to allow the bright neon lights to suck you into the excitement and overwhelm you with the opportunities–the shows, unrelenting action, money, sex appeal, hype, constant motion and changing players.The adrenaline rush of […]

Regulatory News – FCC Order Gives ILECs an Edge over Resellers

Posted:  03/2000 FCC Wraps Up Record On SBC Long-Distance Bid BY KIM SUNDERLAND The FCC is getting down to business on deciding whether SBC Communica-tions Inc. is ready and able to provide in-region long distance in Texas. If approved, SBC ( will offer a bundle of services that includes local, long distance, Internet and satellite […]

Get Ready to Rumble

Posted:  02/2000 Get Ready to Rumble Pro-Bell Broadband Legislation Unravels the Telecom Act By Kim Sunderland In the world of telecom legislation, this is better than a Hulk Hogan versus Jesse Ventura wrestling match. It’s more engrossing than the NFL’s Super Bowl. It’s even bigger than a possible bipartisan presidential ticket. This is the drama […]

Customers Critical of Carrier Care

Posted: 02/2000 Customers Critical of Carrier Care by Dwight Allen, Barbara Deskey and Steven M. Martin Corporate telecommunications managers should be in a great mood. Choices among carriers have multiplied, prices are down, the variety of services is up and one-stop shopping is increasingly available. Yet, at many companies, telecom managers are not so happy–relationships […]

FCC Order Gives ILECs an Edge over Resellers

Posted:  02/2000 FCC Order Gives ILECs an Edge over Resellers BY KIM SUNDERLAND In what resellers hail as a major victory for their industry, the FCC ( has ordered ILECs to make x digital subscriber line (xDSL)-based advanced services available at wholesale rates for resale. However, resellers say the order contains a loophole that may […]

The Future of Regulation PowersForward

Posted:  01/2000 The Future of Regulation Powers Forward By Kim Sunderland There’s no sense looking back now. It’s time to buckle down, look straight ahead, and motor into the next phase of federal telecommunications regulation and legislation. As competitors know all too well already, this year won’t be any easier than the last four years […]

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