FCC Proposes 12 ILEC Measurements

Posted: 1/2002 FCC Proposes 12 ILEC MeasurementsPre-Ordering Measurement 1. OSS Pre-Order Interface Response Timeliness: Measures whether an incumbent’s pre-ordering systems provide reasonably prompt response times. Order Measurements 2. Order Notifier Timeliness: Measures the amount of time it takes an incumbent to send a notice either confirming whether an order placed by a competitor has been […]

Standard Practice

Posted: 1/2002 Standard Practice FCC Aims to Raise Bar on Incumbents Wholesale Provisioning Performance By Kim Sunderland  Another regulatory phase in the endless saga of local telephone market competition is under way on the federal level. Telecommunications regulators want to set national rules for the incumbent local exchange carriers (ILECs) that would bring them to […]

Regulatory, Competitive Challenges Facing Local Prepaid

Posted: 06/2000 Regulatory, Competitive Challenges Facing Local Prepaid By Glenn S. Richards, Esq., and David S. Konczal, Esq. Prepaid local carriers are growing in scope and number. In many ways, the prepaid local industry represents everything Congress envisioned in passing the Telecommunications Act of 1996–risk-taking entrepreneurs offering new telecommunications services to the underserved segments of […]

Ameritech Chairman, CEO Announces Retirement

Posted: 12/1999 Ameritech Chairman, CEO Announces Retirement After 31 years at Ameritech Corp., Hoffman Estates, Ill., Richard C. Notebaert, chairman and CEO of the incumbent local exchange carrier (ILEC), has announced he will retire effective Dec. 30. The retirement announcement comes after SBC Communications Inc., San Antonio, another ILEC, completed its $73 billion acquisition of […]

Ameritech To Terminate ITXC VoIP Calls

Posted: 12/1999 Ameritech To Terminate ITXC VoIP Calls By Liz Montalbano Princeton, N.J.-based ITXC Corp. is using Ameritech Corp.’s network to terminate Internet telephony calls carried over, ITXC’s global Internet telephony network. The Hoffman Estates, Ill.-based incumbent local exchange carrier (ILEC), which recently was acquired by SBC Communications Inc., San Antonio, will provide U.S. […]

High Court’s Interconnection DecisionCreates TELRIC, UNE Hell

Posted: 04/1999 High Court’s Interconnection Decision Creates TELRIC, UNE Hell By Kim Sunderland Where will be no calm after the storm leading up to the U.S. Supreme Court’s Jan. 25 decision in AT&T Corp. et al v. Iowa Utilities Board et al. Already, the expected fallout is blinding. In the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of […]

BellSouth’s Name Game

Posted: 05/1998 BellSouth’s Name Game Will Regulators Be Caught in a "Blind"? By Genevieve Morelli There is an old adage that if something walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, chances are it is a duck. This saying perfectly characterizes an evolving regulatory and marketplace issue: the attempt by incumbent local exchange (ILECs) […]

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